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A Summation

countless hours out of class countless hours in class countless days countless lunches countless walks home and considerably fewer walks to school26 classes 24 periods 19 teachers4 years1 Ketchikan High SchoolIt's a little sad to suddenly realize that this chapter of my life is really drawing to a close. Only half a year remains in which I will call myself a high schooler. The consolation is that I believe this four-year chapter will truly be a full and complete one - a satisfying one - yet at the same time one I will be happy to be completing. A new volume begins soon for me... and I'm writing the preface right now.

Isolationism in the Middle Kingdom

Let it be known to all - I have shut down all my ports.
Honestly, all I've done recently is pretty insular; the most out-going activities I'm doing are going to school and going to Ketchikan Underground. Essentially, the nation of Peter Stanton is closed off to the outside world.

For one thing, I've totally stopped paying attention to the news. After the election pretty much all my viewing of cable news or tv news in general stopped, but now I don't even read the newspaper, and I'm sure my current event points in government and debate have suffered because of it. Perhaps even more astonishingly, I've decided to stop visiting my regular blogs. I still look at my blogroll, but now I only care when there's a new update from someone I know personally - such as from my cousin Alexa, who wrote a nice post today about my gift to her as a "secret Santa." Peter Stanton has stopped roaming the blogosphere. Impossible? I might have thought so too.

Really all…

Non-Exclusiveness and the Hierarchy of Songs (and Wealth)

Well, Ketchikan Underground is up and running again and this blog is still alive. You see, this blog only exists because KU died, (see here) and my desire to write online was transferred from forum rants and flame wars to blogging (definitely a good change, I think). When I started hearing about KU starting up again I kind of worried about this place. I knew I would get back into the forum (albeit with much more mature imput now) and so I thought I might not have so much to write on here any more. Now that KU has been officially going for a few days and I've spent quite a bit of time on it, I've realized there is no way my postings on KU and the Publisher are mutually exclusive. In fact, since I'm now going to be staying away from posting crazy political rants or any long-winded pieces whatsoever on KU now, those can all still go here along with more personal things I wouldn't put on a forum anyways. A forum is, after all, a place for discussion, and this blog has alwa…

Pains in the Neck

Today I really had a pain in the neck - a very literal one. I don't remember when exactly I realized it, but it became very bad during the course of second period such that I was pretty much crying on the inside. Before English class started I lay down for a little while, which relieved things momentarily, but then it only really went away slowly over the rest of the morning. At lunch I set a terrifying precedent - I bought culinary lunch for the first time this year. Obviously that's not such a bad thing, but I certainly don't want to get into the habit of eating culinary again, and in other things where I had pledged myself to good habits (like walking to school every day) I've kind of broken down. I'll have to be careful and set myself straight again. Otherwise I suppose I had a pretty good day, although calculus is getting into kind of a risk zone for me grade-wise. I'm going to have to do well (read: get an A) on both the chapter test Monday and the semes…

Ketchikan Underground and a Readdress of the Alaskan Accent

At long last, the official, public third version of Ketchikan Underground will be put online tomorrow at 3 p.m. Alaska Time. I can't wait for it to bring in a whole ton of community members and start becoming a true community itself again. Some of the BETA testing this last month on the site was amusing, but the participants were quite a limited group, and in at least one sense it was an example of what KU shouldn't be - that is, worthless.

I am definitely going to make a commitment to place nothing less than quality on KU, almost with the same standards as I'd have for SitNews, except with a lot more usage and testing. I think KU should try to emulate SitNews in some ways as a community forum, but it can also be much more through anonymity, (which of course has its pros and cons), polls, images, video - and certainly most importantly, comments. Even if you don't live in Ketchikan or have no connection with the town whatsoever, I still think KU would be a great intern…

Pride and Prejudice

I have recently been told on this blog that I write nonsense. I agree - I certainly do that, at least some of the time; some of the things I write may be worse than nonsense, and so please, dear readers - few that you are - please accept my apology for the nonsense and worse I spew and continue to search out what good you may seem to find in my writing, which it seems is your wish to do. Today I wish to discuss Jane Austen's literary classic Pride and Prejudice. I do no believe I mentioned my reading of the book here before, but for the last several weeks I have bemoaned its torture both to myself and others while reading it for English class and now have almost finished. I quite despised the story from the outset, feeling the book purposeless, self-absorbed, and perhaps worst of all contained within a villainous microcosm of history that ignores the massive injustice of the time to be found without. Well past the halfway mark I was still very reluctant in my reading; despite som…

Animal Rights

I have posted previously on animal rights. Here I addressed the narrow topic of bullfighting, and here I basically outlined the simple truth that carnivores are less energy efficient than herbivores - thus making a less meat-oriented society one that is easier to feed. Obviously I do care about animals; my dog is lying a foot away from me after an intense play session we had, and one does not have to look beyond this blog to find a picture of her, which is more than I can say for my human family. In addition, I do think vegetarianism is a good thing, and I think at the very least many more people should be inspired to eat less meat. Despite all this, I recently got into a somewhat heated debate on on the topic of animal rights - with me seemingly being on the side against them. (You can see it all here.)

The point of the article was basically that people shouldn't criticize hunters for killing animals when they themselves eat meat, which is certainly valid; I couldn'…


I feel very melodramatic right now. I suppose I wouldn't look too bad saying this to most people in the world as long as they didn't know much about Ketchikan compared to the rest of this state, but certainly all you northern Alaskans will laugh me off the internet for this. I'm cold. As winter has really set in here now I've been coming to hate it more than I ever remembered. I feel like I matured so much late this last summer - both personally and in my connection to this place I call home. Now that we've long left that time of comparatively less rain and long long evenings, maybe I really wasn't prepared for what winter would bring. Before I remember marveling and laughing at the darkness; now I despise its dominance. Before I remember feeling exhilarated by the cold clear air that overwhelms you here; now I only shiver. Am I getting old? Hopefully I'll become one with it all again soon. One thing about Ketchikan is how homogeneous its atmospheric tre…

Time Management

November seems to be heading towards being my least-blogged month since the creation of the Publisher. It will be the fourth most visited, however, so obviously I've built up some kind of regular readership even when I don't post very much. As long as I'm caring about traffic here, I'm rather indebted to all of you who check this blog every once in a while regardless of whether there's a new post. I used to do the same thing in checking out all the blogs I read, but now I have my blogroll (on the right side of this page) so I can see when there are new posts on a blog for me to read. It seems to save time to look only at blogs that have been updated since I last checked them. Speaking of time...

Today in debate we had a little discussion about educational policy. I brought up the fact that U.S. schools statistically assign more homework than most countries, and it seems this does nothing to make our students superior. In fact it may have negative effects. In my min…

A New Communist Manifesto

These are the contentions:
Communism can work if it uses capitalism towards its ends and engages the baser nature of humanity (its greed) in order to provide for the state and for the common good. The state must directly link the accumulation of wealth to provision for the common good. Government construct can base economic survival and prosperity of its workers and institutions upon their effectiveness and accomplishment in benefiting everyone in working for the state. A successful large-scale communistic economy controlled by a state would function through the state's creation of a meritocratic system that rewards individuals based on the quality of their work for the common good. Here is a more detailed explication upon these contentions:

The problem with capitalism is not that people seek wealth. This is to some extent natural and maybe even honorable. The problem with capitalism is that people freely seeking wealth creates oppression and injustice and does not provide for al…

Not a “Win” – Rather a Cataclysmic “Fail”

I apologize for not posting here in forever and a day, but obviously I am becoming more pressed for time as the holidays and all my college deadlines draw closer. Fortunately I seem to have done well on those SAT Subject Tests - at least it seems so number-wise, although the percentiles may be disappointing. I will get the score report in a week and may talk about it more then. I was also on Prince of Wales Island the past two days with my dad, cousin and cousin-in-law on a hunting trip, which for us basically means driving around the island with guns in the truck. We did get a buck though, which I missed out on butchering today because I had to write a speech. Because of all those deadlines I don't have much time to write a lot for the blog, but I still must write for school, so I'll take this space to post the speech I just wrote for speech and debate class. It may be somewhat interesting to read. The prompt I'm responding to is "Will the Iraq War end up being a …

Hypocrisy, Oxymorons, and the Wiki-That-Must-Not-Be-Named (That I Proceed to Name within the First Sentence)

I have previously promised myself not to overreact nor pay too much attention to that humongous barrel of tripe that is Conservapedia. And yet I still read it quite regularly- or, more specifically, I read their "In the News" column, which is basically an incessant hail of snide comments linking to pseudo-journalistic outside sources or, very rarely, actual news sources. The commentary that the "news" is stated through, however, simply oozes stupidity - stupidity that frequently ranks statements among the most appallingly idiotic that I have ever seen in my life - but enough about that site.

There are already a number of quality sites and courageous persons of the internet who spend much more of their time than I do to challenge and make known the abomination that is Conservapedia. See here and here, for example, as well as here, to see the regular challenges the site's "News" column faces from people such as myself (under username Rockthecasbah).

Live from Ketchikan: It's Saturday Night!

Things seem to be going pretty well for me and the world. Well, at least they're fine for me. I now have all my aunt's and mom's photos from France on my computer, so perhaps I should actually finish summarizing that trip as I promised to do all those ages ago. I only wrote about three or four days of that trip so far so there's a lot more to go. Maybe I can be a bit less detailed though. The thing about the France photos is it's amazing how much fatter I seemed to (or perhaps just did) look. I feel as if I need to go back so I can get more flattering pictures. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get to do some crazy Euro-trip when I'm a bit older.

(Image: Here I am sitting being fat in Monaco. At least I'm not a fat Monégasque capitalist pig, though.)

Perhaps my almost guaranteed foreign travel during college can be to the Continent (which isn't really a continent at all). Speaking of which... I have been accepted at Tulane University in New Orleans. This…

This may not seemingly be a very pressing issue, nor could this be something the President would directly enact, but I think it would be an inspired action for President Obama to promote a constitutional amendment that would instate term limits for United States Senators and Representatives. I am from the state of Alaska, which is still processing votes in a very close election that may well return a Senator to Congress who has already held that position for forty years. In my mind, this was not the type of service that our founders envisioned being done in this nation's government.

The four-time election of Franklin Roosevelt was a legacy that galvanized this nation and pushed it to instate term limits for the President of the United States. Unfortunately, no one event will be able to do so much for the entire country in regards to Senators and Representatives. That, however, does not make the institution of term limits for the legislative branch less important. I believe that the…

The Return of Ketchikan Underground

K.U. has returned to the internet, reincarnated in its third and supposedly final life. There obviously isn't a lot going on yet, but here's the link to go check it out and contribute yourself. The website is very high quality compared to its past forms and it's set to get even better. I don't know how I'll exactly reconcile returning to the world of the forum as well as continuing my solitary blogging, but I'm sure I'll be able to handle it. I am, after all, simultaneously preparing for college, going through my last year of high school and even writing a novel (at a snail's pace) right now. I am actually getting to writing a little for my novel every day though, so that's a step. Anyways, you may even remember my first post ever on this blog, which explained that it was the death of K.U. that more than anything lead to the creation of "Peter's Publisher." I think I had actually made a blog before, but I had absolutely no idea what to…

National Novel Writing Month

You may or may not be aware of this, but November is in fact National Novel Writing Month! Actually, I have a feeling that this might not be a nationally legislated title but rather just what November was designated by an ingenious organization coincidentally named National Novel Writing Month. The goal of the organization is to assist people throughout the world in reaching the following goal: Write a 50,000 word novel entirely within the month of November. For a writer like me, this obviously seems to be an insurmountable task; I am, after all, a blogger, who is impressed when he churns out a thousand-word post and then is entirely finished with the topic. My American Government project on the presidential election that I did the Wednesday morning before last was in fact over 3,000 words and was probably one of the longest pieces of writing I have ever done, although most of it was just restatement of presidential promises. (I have put the project here if you want to check it out,…

An Unofficial Photo and Pretty Much Official Results

It's a sad thing indeed when I have to "steal" my own photo from the Ketchikan Daily News using the Prnt Scrn button. Needs must I suppose... I do love the KDN, but they should make a better website- i.e. one where you don't need to pay to read online articles. Here's the caption:

HALLOWEEN HIJINKS — Presidential candidates Barack Obama (freshman Wyatt Stall) and John McCain (senior Peter Stanton) shake hands while Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (senior Kristina Fabry) gives a thumbs-up Friday in the Ketchikan High School commons. Staff photo by Hall Anderson

Now on Friday I got the exact results of the Kayhi election, but first, let me recommend this comedy interlude and this post with the YouTube of a hilarious prank that got pulled on Sarah recently. If you've even heard Sarkozy's voice once there's no way you could have believed that was him... and I don't even know how the pranksters got through the preliminary checks. But anyways, the details are…

Palin: Reaching the Murkowski Level?

The honeymoon is over. It was over a long time ago. Now Alaskans are beginning to reach for the divorce papers.

As I've said before, Sarah Palin succeeded former governor Frank "Worst Governor Ever" Murkowski as per the laws of Alaska politics by defeating him in the 2006 Republican primary. (Originally I left out the word Republican- so you see how messed up this state is.) I was never very familiar with the apparently many many many reasons why Murkowski deserves his title, seeing as I have only regularly engaged myself with state politics in the last few years, but it seems now that Sarah Palin is not working out to be that big breath of fresh uncorrupted Alaskan air we expected when compared to her predecessor. You see, Sarah's just corrupt, wasteful and unethical in different ways. At least it seems that way- maybe because she's just so goshdarn cute. The truth is she's taking advantage of Alaskans in some of the same ways as Murkowski did.

A good recen…

Class of 2009 Election Results

The Ketchikan High School Class of 2009 has voted. 115 ballots were cast this 30th of October, constituting an estimated (by me) 95% of the total class. The ballots were official sample ballots and so covered all the offices that Alaskan voters will decide in 4 days. The results are:

For President:
Barack Obama: 72 votes - 63%
John McCain: 39 votes - 34%
Ralph Nader: 4 votes - 3%

For U.S. Senator:
Mark Begich: 50-some votes
Ted Stevens: 30-some votes
(I don't remember the exact results; the remaining ballots were for the AIP candidate Bob Bird, write in or left unmarked.)

For U.S. Congressman: Again, I don't remember the exact results, (I will update this tomorrow), but Don Young beat Ethan Berkowitz by one single measly vote.

For State Senator and State Congressman: Bert Stedman and Kyle Johansen were easily reelected to their respective positions, seeing as they both ran unopposed. Yes, I guess the political scene here really is just that fail. But anyways I'll get back to y&…

Crunch Time

My week is being consumed. I have little time to waste on either sleep or blog posts. Nevertheless, I will let you know the following: I have an American government project and a lot of calculus that needs to be done by Wednesday.I have a calculus test as well as a government test on Friday.I have to take four separate calculus quizzes throughout this week.I have a scholarship due Friday.I have SAT Subject tests on Saturday.And who knows what my other three classes might throw at me... I had actually thought about trick-or-treating this year... but to do so might require a sacrifice of time on my part I may be unwilling to make. On the other hand, I may be so destroyed I won't physically be able to go door to door, or it may be completely necessary for me to participate in Halloween to preserve my sanity. Regardless, tonight and tomorrow will be extremely taxing. Thinking about the end of this week is almost a relief- but it is also far too distracting.


Yesterday I worked as part of the Senior Carnival and today I am alone. Those two things are not linked in any way I know of, but they are the two top headlines in my life for yesterday and today. That's rather interesting to think about... what would your top headlines be day to day in the wondrous world of you?

Now that my family has had cable for a few weeks it's very strange to see what's changed from having all these options to watch on TV now. Clearly we watch more TV now, but perhaps that'll die back down once the novelty wears off. Each of us now seems to have a favorite channel as well, except my mom, who hasn't really changed her minimal TV-watching habits. My dad has poker and old movies, my brother found MTV, my sister is into the Disney Channel, and I, "boring" guy that I am, have found cable news and politics. Basically I stick with CNN and MSNBC, although I occaisionally go to FOX for laughs and of course still spend quality time with PBS, …


Hopefully my sonnet below wasn't too disconcerting for those of you who visit here somewhat regularly (because no one but me actually reads this regularly). I believe that may be only the third piece of poetry I've posted since the inception of this blog almost six months ago, and I have not written but one or two more poems in that time that haven't been posted. Obviously, poetry is not a common form of expression for me. But I still work on it.

It seems almost incredible that it's been almost six months since I made this blog. The other day I wondered if I had posted anything on my 17th birthday, but it seems I didn't even mention it- at least not in either the posts the day before and the day after May 24th. To me, birthdays aren't a big deal. I haven't actively tried to celebrate mine probably since before I entered High School, although of course my family always organizes something. (And no, I am not a Witness.) What that date does do for me, however…

Mythos of Midas

Ancient columns in secluded ruins
Broken lie in far distant land nameless
A story lost and moral unproven
Have stayed their truth and themselves are blameless

In their prime the columns guarded a tale
Of a monarch destroyed and ethos lost
They testified to an idea that failed
That greater wealth greater happiness hosts

Crumbled palace in distant land nameless
Holds glitt'ring dust of an alien hue
Poison the vice of a man named Midas
Chokes the spirit and clouds the common view

Of a future where greed and gold do not
The hope and justice for all people blot

SAT Update

I just went back on CollegeBoard and found another spot to look at my scores, this one including my percentiles and writing section breakdown. Getting a perfect 12/12 on the essay certainly helped out. In May it was a lowly 9. And as for those percentiles... I don't think I could be happier.

S.o happy A.m I because of iT.!

Last May I missed three questions on the math portion of the SAT, earning me a score of 720. Three math questions missed on three different categories of questions- it would not be a stretch to imagine one fixing each of those single mistakes in each category when going at the test the next time around. Apparently that's exactly what happened.

I came on the computer again this fine night after having posted the previous post many hours earlier. I went back on the College Board site thinking "They probably won't have my scores posted just because it's technically October 23 now. It'll probably be at 8:00 eastern time or something..." but I signed in to my account anyways and then clicked on the link leading to my SAT scores. The site requires another sign-in for this so I quickly typed in my password and then looked away. I looked through my fingers and it was still loading. I looked away again, and when I looked back I was looking at the Subject Tests for wh…

Returning to the World of Me

Despite political developments recently like new celebrity endorsements and the new publicizing of a few of our dear Sarah's irresponsible actions both as governor and as vice-presidential candidate, I would really like to pull my blog back into the world of me- the subject on which I am in fact the universe's leading expert. My blogging has been sporadic of late, and, in my opinion, of sub-par quality. Instead of long original discourses I've been recycling subjects given far more attention and quality of coverage in other realms of the interwebs. There are a few things, however, which I know I can write about pretty well. And so, as of right now I am returning to in-depth discussions of myself, which are pretty much written for myself. I'm not saying you're not welcome to join, (otherwise I wouldn't be publishing on the World Wide Web) but be warned if you are unfamilar with the general essence of this blog and aren't particularly interested in reading a…