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(Because It Seems I Need to Post)

Hello all you visitors from Harry's Place. I probably don't have much of interest on this site if you're just looking for more crazy comments etc. I certainly haven't blogged about Israel and Palestine on here... and I don't think I will. I think I do have other interesting things to be read here though, so I encourage you to at least read something before moving on to something else in the blogosphere. You have at least given me a ton of traffic, and for that I thank you.

For the rest of you readers, (mostly for myself), I'm sorry I haven't been able to continue with writing about my France trip as quickly as I'd hoped. As of right now I actually have a book to read for AP summer work, and I don't have a lot of time to write. Please keep checking in, and leave me some comments as well. Now that I have all this readership I guess I'll encourage you all to look back at my oldest posts which pretty much no one has read at all.

Thanks, all you in…

Being There

dimanche, le huit juin, le 1er jour du voyage 

(By the way, I do not pretend to have a good memory, and some of the things I detail as I talk about my trip will probably not be entirely accurate. However, you can be sure that I won't be making anything up to make my tale more exciting. This is straight memoir- enjoy.)

If you remember this post, you may have been struck by me saying that "I have just learned that it is Sunday morning and that I am leaving to France, so I am unable to complete this right now." I did not have the time to explain myself then, but now I will. Saturday evening, I had fallen asleep at around 7, intending my rest to be a little nap before staying up all night until I was to leave. When I awoke, it was around 7:15 and I was struck by how short I had been asleep. This made me glad though, because I now had a ton of time to be on the computer, watch Saturday Night Live and other things. I turned on the TV, but it was very strange because there was …

The Return, Part II

mardi, le vignt-quatre juin, le dernier (17e) jour du voyage

I'm sure I was awake for at least the first hour of this day, but I don't really know as I wasn't looking at the time at all. It would have been very depressing indeed to keep track of the time on Monday, as I'm sure you've read. (If you haven't, I'm disappointed, although I do understand...) Anyways, after I got out of the shower, Niles had fallen asleep with the TV on, which was turned on to a London flugtag event. I'd seen flugtag before, but I hadn't known what it was called nor realized that it was actually a popular thing. I saw several entries and then decided to go to bed, but I couldn't find the remote control. This wouldn't be much of a problem for pretty much all other TV's in the world, but this TV couldn't be turned off without the remote, and I just couldn't find it anywhere. I decided I'd have to fall asleep with the TV on, but I couldn't turn the…

The Return, Part I

As I go through and describe all my days in France, I will be adding onto the little that I wrote in a journal that was mostly just a summary of the places we went. Excerpts from the journal will be italicized. For this beginning post, however, I will start with where my journal writing has already ended- our last morning in France. I will cover the two days it took to get home in "The Return" parts I and II, and then I will start from the beginning. I suppose I must prelude all my storytelling with saying that our group from Ketchikan was made up of my aunt (Madame Z.), my mother, Bekah Bowers, Laura Brandt-Erichsen, Niles Corporon, Grant Wadley and myself.

Now, let's see... lundi, le vignt-trois juin, le 16e jour du voyage

Our last morning was in Nice. I was up far past midnuit sorting things, packing, reading and watching Euro Trip on Grant's iPod. Eventually I did go to sleep though, and when I woke up the other groups that had toured with us (Indiana, Arkansas…

Academic Decathlon and Other Assorted Topics

I thought about titling this "AcDc and OATs", but truth be told, I hate acronyms, especially when they're randomly created and just happen to also be horse food. You may have noticed I'm using the new "blogroll" feature (look on the right- it's call "blogs to visit"). I've been collecting other blogs ecently that I like or that cover topics of interest. They've built up very quickly. I also wished to talk about Academic Decathlon, but I have just learned that it is Sunday morning and that I am leaving to France, so I am unable to complete this right now. I will publish it anyways, because I will not be posting again for some time. Goodbye my readers! Instead of looking at new posts you can go back and read (and comment on) everything else I've written on here. Wouldn't that be fun?!

Teaching, and Philosophic Irrelevancies

I took Keely for a walk this evening, the same one as yesterday's big one. We did it fifteen minutes faster though, and yet I think it was more enjoyable for her. She was off her leash more; yesterday I had her on it both to and from the lake, but today I left her off it the whole way home. She also swam more, or rather just swam, since yesterday she only went in the water and didn't do any dog paddling. As you may have noticed, Keely's walk times are my big thinking times, so I have a few things to go over as a result of my recent outing.

I am of the opinion that many of the questions some people base their lives on are irrelevant. If it is impossible to understand something, you shouldn't worry about it. The classic example of this is the afterlife. I don't care what's going to happen when I die. Basing one's life philosophy on what you suppose is going to happen in the afterlife is ridiculous. No one knows what's going to happen in the afterlife! We …

This Morning, More School Ideas and... More!

As we age,
Time lessens.
Earth shrinks.
Paths through the woods grow shorter.

We believe we are becoming more independent,
But we become more dependent than ever before.
That's what happens when you find other people.

Age is the measure of our dependency.

In other news, I have decided to try to add more photos into my blog posts, as that's what everyone else does and it probably will make this a bit more exciting. It may even get me more traffic! Just a few minutes ago I found a blog solely because of a picture it had.

Anyways, that was the "More!" part.

I took Keely for a 87-minute walk this morning up to Carlanna Lake, which is where I got the idea for that little poem at the top. We then on to the end of the fancy trail they've made going alongside the lake that leads to who knows where. Keely realized it first when we got to the end of the built up trail. She stopped when the boardwalk ended and rooty trail continued and I thought "Go ahead! What are …

First Post of Summer Vacation

School ended yesterday.

I'm not sure whether I'll be posting more or less now that school is out. Likely it will be less, France trip aside, as it's somewhat difficult to average more than one post a day. If not difficult, it would be at least somewhat distasteful to flood this thing with more than one or two posts a day. It's not as if most of my posts get read either, so posting more would leave more and more important things left unshared with others.

I have many different things to talk about. First off, I would like to congratulate Mr. Barack Obama on winning the presidency. Oh I mean nomination...

Recently I've come to think that a Obama/Clinton ticket for the fall wouldn't be such a bad thing. With all those Clinton voters who said they'd rather vote for McCain than Obama, why not give them the opportunity to vote for Clinton again? I have many friends that really despise Hillary; some support Obama, others McCain. Although I can't imagine man…

Important Official Wording Change

No I am not building up an excess of posts right now to make up for when I'll be gone! How dare you think that. I have decided that I officially need to change the wording of my first life-truth, as seen on my profile. Let's make it more positive, shall we? The only problem is the meaning change that goes along with a wording change, so I shall have to think about this carefully. The current wording is "self-hatred is the most unnatural thing in the world." Now, the immediate choice for placing that in the positive would be "to love oneself is the most natural thing in the world," but that changes the meaning, now doesn't it. I'm thinking "to love oneself is the most important thing in the world," and I think that I could probably say that it is. The first alternative is in fact rather ridiculous, as there are many things that come more naturally than loving oneself. I'm trying to set up loving oneself as a life-goal to strive for, …


Well, truth be told I've seen a big drop in traffic recently, and I believe the main reason is that I haven't posted about the right things recently, the right things being those that will bring more traffic. On the other hand, why should I go out of my way to always be posting about politicians or other such things in order to get traffic, when I actually want to write about different things? I have posted things on here before in the effort to get more hits with different searches (namely my posts that talked about my hits with different searches), but I feel kind of guilty about doing that- as if those higher rankings are undeserved.

Ketchikan blog Peter Stanton Ketchikan High School Kayhi K-hi blog Ketchikan Peter Stanton

Never mind. :D

I will, however, be having a long break from blogging when I go to France for two weeks. Think about that- I'll be internet-less for two weeks! One can hardly imagine it. I know I'll have to get account-sitters for two sites that I…

My Relationships with Music

I'd like to take this time to talk about music. It would be an incredible undertaking to describe all the different kinds of music that I appreciate, but I will at least try here to address a few important ways in which I've interacted with that most mysterious entity- music.

My mother is very musical, and she (and probably I too) would like to think that the music that I was exposed to from her in and out of the womb was very important in my early development. I believe I was seven when I started playing the violin, although I might be wrong. Seven was also when I first wore glasses, so maybe I'm confusing things; or maybe seven was an important age in my history. It might have been when I was nine. Anyways...

I began learning violin from Heidi Hays, who coincidentally I learned today will be moving to Seattle soon. At some point after several years I had developed quite a bit as a violinist and Heidi began saying that I had "surpassed" her. In retrospect especial…