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My most recent post and some of "The Worst Vice-Presidential Candidate Choice of the Century" has been removed. I apologize for my mistake in posting it.

The Worst Vice-Presidential Candidate Choice of the Century

"For once the Libertarians have a shot at coming in second." The above quote is taken from a comment on this article, which is from a blog I read regularly. (See my blog roll.) It made me laugh immediately, and although the prospect of Bob Barr being the runner-up in November is pretty much ludicrous, the quote is still hilarious because it actually has some truth in it. Mudflats, the afore-mentioned blog, took on quite a bit more (as in hundreds of times more) traffic than usual after its "Alaskan perspective" on Palin was picked up by others across the internet. I'm coming in a bit late to the news, I admit (even the Ketchikan Daily News has already published the news on Palin) but I think I still have something to say about McCain's VP choice for those who'll read it.

When I walked into Calculus Friday morning, the TV was on. It was turned to CSPAN. Mrs. Karlik immediately said "Did you hear?" and told me that McCain had chosen Governor P…

School is Upon Me!

My first day of my senior year went pretty flawlessly. It left a peculiar feeling of mediocrity in my mouth, however, and it makes me realize that if school is going to be as great as I want it to be I'm going to have to make it that way myself.

The first example of this is AP Calculus, which was my first class and will be for the rest of the year. (You'd better get used to the chronology; period-by-period is the only way I go through my school day.) The class is very big, certainly compared to past classes, and it was immediately pretty fractured into various groups, with my "group" consisting of three people. I have no problems with my two friends - they sat with me in math pretty much all last year- but I would prefer to be at least a bit closer to other people in the class and I would much prefer the set up of the class to be much less one-directional. An open center with tables surrounding it is what I'm used to from most of my classes and I think it's…

What Bush Did Right

Great song choice, George. I apologize for that, but I do quite enjoy the artistry.

Results (And Kucinich! (PBUH))

I'm glad I put in my expectations for this primary election in right before I saw the results. Before I get to those, however, here's a message from Dennis Kucinich:

You've gotta love that guy... His is by far the best speech I've heard from the DNC. But now for that primary election. All the ballot measures failed, which is something that saddens me to no end, especially regarding measure 3. The good thing is that 1 lost, which means we won't be seeing rampant gambling anytime soon, but I would much rather have had all of the measures pass, even if it meant casinos popping up within the month. What's worse is that measure 3 had the lowest percentage of yes votes out of all the measures: 35% of votes (counted thus far) were yes. I simply can't believe that this election overflowed with so much information and disinformation on measure 4 so that everyone knew at least something about it, whereas pretty much nothing showed up about measure 3, which was by al…

Break-Ups and Replacements

Yet another of my summer commitments has fallen asunder as this last week of summer vacation is almost at its close. It is in fact my original commitment: walking the Carlanna Lake Trail. It's true. The last two days have failed to see me get my butt up to the lake, and Keely is noticeably annoyed at me. The shortening of daylight here has definitely been a factor in making hte hike harder to do. I did go one time after dark, but aside from the wonderful view of the stars it was far more trouble than it was worth. Right now at 8:00 it's too dark to go, whereas when I began the habit I would have had more than two more hours of daylight after this.

The less subtle factors keeping me from going were the Olympics Closing Ceremony two days ago and the Democratic convention yesterday. The upside is I have continued to stay active, putting in at least a half hour a day into the game Wii Fit, which is actually an amazing program. I've been learning yoga and doing strength train…

Music or Lyrics (And a Bonus Synchro Time)

This (very early) morning is a momentous morning, seeing as I have just created a new label for my blog posts. It's name is "question"; please take the time to introduce yourself. My first post to be labelled with this new wondrous label was written far back in that faraway time known as May. And what a time that was... I seem to have had far more time to post blog posts. I had so much time that I was able to think of a great situational problem involving the integral elements one might look for in a spouse—or life-partner, if you prefer. If you'd like to read it, it's here (or in either of the two previous links). Nowadays, obviously, I have little time for such intellectual time-wasting, but today's (actually yesterday's) hike on Carlanna was especially peaceful and allowed me to return to the state of mind that might occaisionally generate a gem of a question worthy of the label "question".

Today (yesterday) was, simply put, a rainer. It loo…

Disclaimers and Updates

I would like to clarify for my readers right now that my possibly abrasive comments in various posts regarding certain nations, groups and stereotypes are not at all meant to be serious or insulting. Although there are clearly legitimate reasons for someone to dislike the U.K., Italy or other places, my own negative jabs are meant to be jocular and sarcastic. One cannot sum up a person in a few thoughtless phrases, let alone a nation of millions of people. The same obviously applies to other topics besides the countries of the world. Although not on this blog, I recently quipped essentially that "I could never marry a conservative. I'm going to be looking for an intelligent woman." Such a comment was by all intentions meant only to provoke reactions and put a smile on my face. Let me assure you that I know very well that smart people can be politically conservative. It's just that they've been misguided, not that they're not intelligent. A major development…

Italian Food and a Proletarian Revelation

I am often reminded of how natural it is for us Americans to have love-hate relationships with Western European nations. Whether it's France, Spain, the low countries or even Germany, an American can easily find both paradise and things that annoy them to no end among the facets of countries across the Atlantic. The exception, of course, is Great Britain, which is just generally mediocre and crappy. I have thought for quite a while that Italy was in the same category, but I'm now rethinking that (slightly).

I'm sure I speak for many when I mention right off the bat that Italy has quite a few negatives going against it. It has, for example, done far too well in soccer when France has lost, such as at the last World Cup, which was a disgrace against humanity that does not bear further mentioning. Italy is also the unhappiest country in Western Europe as well as one of the most corrupt. (There is a connection.) It is also the birthplace of... you guessed it- Italian food.


An Alaskan's Stereotypes About Alaska

I am currently in the city of Fairbanks in a very nice house in a very nice neighborhood about to start what looks like will be a very nice work week. I am blown away. This is by far the farthest north I have ever been while rooted to the earth, and I've never been anywhere else in Alaska besides in southeast and south-central. I always imagined the interior as being a big muskeg-like soggy flatland in the summer- in a word, brown.

As we came down lower over the land flying into Fairbanks, the rivers were what struck me first, and they are indeed pretty ugly. Dirty, chopped up and yes, ugly, the rivers of the interior are not very impressive. I don't like rivers that much in general, as a matter of fact. But then I looked at the rest of the scene below. It's really green here. I didn't expect many trees, but there is quite a lot of forested area and the rest is all is all perfectly nice and green. The trees are pitiful compared to the Tongass, of course, but despite …

Challenge is Fun

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that as of yesterday I have broken the 160 mark. I've lost over 16 pounds in the weeks since I got back from Juneau. There's been no magic bullet and no single solution, and it's been challenging to radically change what has been my lifestyle for years. But here's the thing- it's been fun. Not only am I hopefully healthier and better looking, but I also feel healthier, more clear-minded and lighter, not just in my footfalls but also stress-wise. It's just a plain positive feeling, even though I'm hungry quite a bit of the time- like right now. No food until dinner! My whole life I think I've been a pretty optimistic person, but this last year or so I've really been trying to bring out the positive in myself, and what I've done this summer has taken that to new levels. My new positivity pushes me to be friendlier and leaves me ever-wary of being judgmental, but with my newfound lifestyle I've found a …

Continuing the Delusion

You may have noticed that I have a wide variety of blogs on my blogroll. The liberal ones (besides the actual Obama blog, which I don't really read) are all local (read: Alaska) blogs and I really just get state political news from them. It was quite a moment when I realized I had at last become one of those people who gets their news online. I still read the newspaper, but it's forever a day behind. I digress. 

When it comes to opinions, I mainly like reading conservative ones. Along with blogs, this includes Conservapedia ("the trustworthy encyclopedia") and other sites. Reading all these has led me to learn quite a lot and be able to see things from the "other side" in ways that I never would have been able to previously. My frequenting of conservative websites has led to my learning of such things as what "MSM" means or how important it is to write out Obama's entire name to show what a Muslim he is. (It's Barrack Hussein Obama. And P…