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Palin: Reaching the Murkowski Level?

The honeymoon is over. It was over a long time ago. Now Alaskans are beginning to reach for the divorce papers.

As I've said before, Sarah Palin succeeded former governor Frank "Worst Governor Ever" Murkowski as per the laws of Alaska politics by defeating him in the 2006 Republican primary. (Originally I left out the word Republican- so you see how messed up this state is.) I was never very familiar with the apparently many many many reasons why Murkowski deserves his title, seeing as I have only regularly engaged myself with state politics in the last few years, but it seems now that Sarah Palin is not working out to be that big breath of fresh uncorrupted Alaskan air we expected when compared to her predecessor. You see, Sarah's just corrupt, wasteful and unethical in different ways. At least it seems that way- maybe because she's just so goshdarn cute. The truth is she's taking advantage of Alaskans in some of the same ways as Murkowski did.

A good recen…

Class of 2009 Election Results

The Ketchikan High School Class of 2009 has voted. 115 ballots were cast this 30th of October, constituting an estimated (by me) 95% of the total class. The ballots were official sample ballots and so covered all the offices that Alaskan voters will decide in 4 days. The results are:

For President:
Barack Obama: 72 votes - 63%
John McCain: 39 votes - 34%
Ralph Nader: 4 votes - 3%

For U.S. Senator:
Mark Begich: 50-some votes
Ted Stevens: 30-some votes
(I don't remember the exact results; the remaining ballots were for the AIP candidate Bob Bird, write in or left unmarked.)

For U.S. Congressman: Again, I don't remember the exact results, (I will update this tomorrow), but Don Young beat Ethan Berkowitz by one single measly vote.

For State Senator and State Congressman: Bert Stedman and Kyle Johansen were easily reelected to their respective positions, seeing as they both ran unopposed. Yes, I guess the political scene here really is just that fail. But anyways I'll get back to y&…

Crunch Time

My week is being consumed. I have little time to waste on either sleep or blog posts. Nevertheless, I will let you know the following: I have an American government project and a lot of calculus that needs to be done by Wednesday.I have a calculus test as well as a government test on Friday.I have to take four separate calculus quizzes throughout this week.I have a scholarship due Friday.I have SAT Subject tests on Saturday.And who knows what my other three classes might throw at me... I had actually thought about trick-or-treating this year... but to do so might require a sacrifice of time on my part I may be unwilling to make. On the other hand, I may be so destroyed I won't physically be able to go door to door, or it may be completely necessary for me to participate in Halloween to preserve my sanity. Regardless, tonight and tomorrow will be extremely taxing. Thinking about the end of this week is almost a relief- but it is also far too distracting.


Yesterday I worked as part of the Senior Carnival and today I am alone. Those two things are not linked in any way I know of, but they are the two top headlines in my life for yesterday and today. That's rather interesting to think about... what would your top headlines be day to day in the wondrous world of you?

Now that my family has had cable for a few weeks it's very strange to see what's changed from having all these options to watch on TV now. Clearly we watch more TV now, but perhaps that'll die back down once the novelty wears off. Each of us now seems to have a favorite channel as well, except my mom, who hasn't really changed her minimal TV-watching habits. My dad has poker and old movies, my brother found MTV, my sister is into the Disney Channel, and I, "boring" guy that I am, have found cable news and politics. Basically I stick with CNN and MSNBC, although I occaisionally go to FOX for laughs and of course still spend quality time with PBS, …


Hopefully my sonnet below wasn't too disconcerting for those of you who visit here somewhat regularly (because no one but me actually reads this regularly). I believe that may be only the third piece of poetry I've posted since the inception of this blog almost six months ago, and I have not written but one or two more poems in that time that haven't been posted. Obviously, poetry is not a common form of expression for me. But I still work on it.

It seems almost incredible that it's been almost six months since I made this blog. The other day I wondered if I had posted anything on my 17th birthday, but it seems I didn't even mention it- at least not in either the posts the day before and the day after May 24th. To me, birthdays aren't a big deal. I haven't actively tried to celebrate mine probably since before I entered High School, although of course my family always organizes something. (And no, I am not a Witness.) What that date does do for me, however…

Mythos of Midas

Ancient columns in secluded ruins
Broken lie in far distant land nameless
A story lost and moral unproven
Have stayed their truth and themselves are blameless

In their prime the columns guarded a tale
Of a monarch destroyed and ethos lost
They testified to an idea that failed
That greater wealth greater happiness hosts

Crumbled palace in distant land nameless
Holds glitt'ring dust of an alien hue
Poison the vice of a man named Midas
Chokes the spirit and clouds the common view

Of a future where greed and gold do not
The hope and justice for all people blot

SAT Update

I just went back on CollegeBoard and found another spot to look at my scores, this one including my percentiles and writing section breakdown. Getting a perfect 12/12 on the essay certainly helped out. In May it was a lowly 9. And as for those percentiles... I don't think I could be happier.

S.o happy A.m I because of iT.!

Last May I missed three questions on the math portion of the SAT, earning me a score of 720. Three math questions missed on three different categories of questions- it would not be a stretch to imagine one fixing each of those single mistakes in each category when going at the test the next time around. Apparently that's exactly what happened.

I came on the computer again this fine night after having posted the previous post many hours earlier. I went back on the College Board site thinking "They probably won't have my scores posted just because it's technically October 23 now. It'll probably be at 8:00 eastern time or something..." but I signed in to my account anyways and then clicked on the link leading to my SAT scores. The site requires another sign-in for this so I quickly typed in my password and then looked away. I looked through my fingers and it was still loading. I looked away again, and when I looked back I was looking at the Subject Tests for wh…

Returning to the World of Me

Despite political developments recently like new celebrity endorsements and the new publicizing of a few of our dear Sarah's irresponsible actions both as governor and as vice-presidential candidate, I would really like to pull my blog back into the world of me- the subject on which I am in fact the universe's leading expert. My blogging has been sporadic of late, and, in my opinion, of sub-par quality. Instead of long original discourses I've been recycling subjects given far more attention and quality of coverage in other realms of the interwebs. There are a few things, however, which I know I can write about pretty well. And so, as of right now I am returning to in-depth discussions of myself, which are pretty much written for myself. I'm not saying you're not welcome to join, (otherwise I wouldn't be publishing on the World Wide Web) but be warned if you are unfamilar with the general essence of this blog and aren't particularly interested in reading a…

Top Ten Reasons to Vote for McCain

I love point-by-point opinion pieces; it makes it so much easier to refute them in an organized way when they're structured like that. This "Top Ten Reasons to Vote for McCain" comes from here, which I was lead to by the ever-classic Conservapedia.

1) Senator McCain has an enduring Faith, a High Moral Character, a Good Work Ethic, and Compassion. One would think these wonderful things would be exhibited in McCain's actions. Enduring faith in my mind would exhibit itself in what the man says, and I have never heard scripture in any of McCain's speeches, unlike Obama. I assume faith played a large part in bringing McCain through his suffering in Vietnam, but this being judged a stronger faith than Obama's is akin to judging McCain the better candidate because he has gone through more suffering. High moral character might best be examined in McCain's relationships, and the nature of his first divorce may indicate a large lack of integrity on his part. As f…

Reverse the Scenario

This was an email sent to me through my dad through a guy we know in Fairbanks from a comment made in a Colorado Springs newspaper. I regret not writing very much recently, but this is very good, so forgive me for making such lazy posting.

Obama/Biden vs McCain/Palin, what if things were switched around?.....think about it. Would the country's collective point of view be different?

Ponder the following: What if the Obamas had paraded five children across the stage, including a three month old infant and an unwed, pregnant teenage daughter?

What if John McCain was a former president of the Harvard Law Review?
What if Barack Obama finished fifth from the bottom of his graduating class?

What if McCain had only married once, and Obama was a divorcee?

What if Obama was the candidate who left his first wife after a severe disfiguring car accident, when she no longer measured up to his standards?

What if Obama had met his second wife in a bar and had a long affair while he was sti…

What Age Are You In?

Personally I thought we were in an age of transcendence. Maybe I need to get out of my bubble more often- or stay inside.

Opposition to Trickle-Down Economics is Not Socialism

Supply-Side Jesus is a false god and John McCain is one of his most faithful followers. Here's some news for Republicans:

Trickle-down economics doesn't work. Hardly anything trickles down.

You cannot make a nation more prosperous by giving more to the rich and hoping that they'll create opportunity for the poor. And yet time and again middle-class Americans gobble-up this idea that it just isn't fair to have a "progressive" tax policy. Tax policy that takes more from the rich and less from the rest isn't unfair and it isn't progressive. It's what works.

Quite simply the one difference I care about between John McCain and Barack Obama is that Obama seems to at least somewhat understand realities like this. McCain thinks it's good to just keep doling out money to corporations like this. Obama proposes government take from the rich and give to the poor. That isn't class warfare. That isn't socialism. That's common sense Keynesian e…

A Short Break from the Standard Reality

9 October 2008

A great mystery to me is why our showers and the sinks where we wash our face and brush our teeth are generally in the same room as our toilets. There’s something random for you to think about.

As of right now I am on the ferry Taku chugging north to Juneau. We left dock at 7:00 this evening and basically all I’ve done on the boat is work on my speech, eat dinner, work on my speech, read my speech to Mr. Ortiz and then work on my speech. The good news is I think I have a really good speech; the bad news is I haven’t even fully memorized the first paragraph.

Although I’ve done five or six serious speeches before for AcDc and other things, this is by far the longest I have ever had to do and the only one I have really been compelled to memorize.

11 October 2008

The above was all I was able to write before I went to bed on the ferry and this is the first time I’ve been able to write on the computer since that time. Since then we’ve gone through the entire debate meet,…

The Second Debate: My Minutes

16:58 Here's my real time analysis and commentary on the second presidential debate. Here goes nothing.

17:01 The pundits seem to think this format will give McCain the advantage, but honestly I think that the town hall set up is just better in general. Freedom is good! Right?

17:03 The chairs the candidates have look like they're from Ikea.

17:04 "Let the market run wild and let the prosperity rain down on all of us." Yes, that's what supply-side Jesus believes. And it's what John McCain supports, and it's what no one in the middle class in their right mind would support.

17:08 I wonder how John McCain plans to both lower taxes and buy up all the problem mortgages in the country.

17:10 "Prosperity is not just going to trickle down." Thank you again, Barack. The "fundamental difference" between you and McCain is that he believes that, and you obviously don't. When is supply-side economics just going to DIE?

17:13 McCain is de…

One Month

This morning I took the SAT Reasoning Test. I will reserve comment on that until I get my scores- not that I feel I did badly, but rather that I simply don't know and don't care to either be negative or to overestimate my performance. There is something that I will prophesy on, however, and that is the outcome of next month's presidential election.

I realize that this is a rather ridiculous thing to do, but I still feel like I should put down some gauge of my estimative abilities right now before anything changes in the presidential race. I know I'll be wrong in at least a few places, but hopefully my guess here will be generally on target.

CNN has a great tool for the electoral map and you can see what their current polling indicates. I took the liberty of leaving all the states CNN thinks are "safe" or "leaning" for each candidate the way they are, but then in my analysis of the "toss-up" states, it may surprise you, but I think six ou…

More Time Than Life

There's a humorous cheer-up as far as the presidential election front is concerned, but I have far more important political events to cuss about right now. Particularly, the Senate is shit. Hopefully the more democratic of the houses will stand firm in rejecting this scam being hoisted upon us right now. However, I think that's all I need say for the moment. It's not exactly like we have liberty right now anyways; I shouldn't expect to see a cessation of its degradation any time soon. What I want to focus on right now is a little known "fringe" issue: namely, myself.

The last several days I've been playing the game Travian, which is a pretty fun and unique online game that I've played in the past. The thing is that the game eats your time, eats some more and pretty much ruins any casual more-than-a-half-hour-long laziness you used to indulge in, all for the sake of keeping up with the other people on the game. Bad story short, I'm leaving it be,…