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House Bill 9

Today my father, myself, and more than a dozen other people all went to the legislative office here in Ketchikan to listen to the House Judiciary Committee discuss House Bill 9, which aims to instate capital punishment in the state of Alaska. In all honestly, the bill is a disgrace. It is a waste of the legislature's time, and it is a threat to the integrity of this state. Basically the committee today went through an hour and a half of discussion with the writers of the bill and various experts on it. Then they turned to public comment, which first came from a few eloquent speakers there in Juneau who all spoke against the bill. Then a crazy man from Fairbanks went on in favor of it, slaughtering the English language and the word guillotine just about as badly as Robespierre bloodied France. (And don't ask why the man used the word guillotine.) When I was called on I read the first article and first subsection of the Alaska Constitution, which reads as follows: This constituti…


In this world, there exists a place so worthless it was bought for two cents an acre - and there was still a vast amount of popular opposition to the purchase.

It is a place so inconvenient that no map wishes to deal with it. If the established cartographic powers deign to show it at all it is shrunk and relocated so as to better indicate its irrelevance.

The majority of this place consists of a centered landmass known for certain generally applicable stereotypes of temperature, topography, wildlife and lifestyles. A portion of the entity, however, consists of a strip of coastline connected to a foreign country not worth mentioning by name. Within the larger forgotten area, this heterogenous region is even more discounted.

This discounted strip of land, in turn, is bordered by a large group of forested and largely uninhabited islands. One of these, relegated to the end of the group, is a mere comma at the end of the sentence of isles.

On this comma of an island there lies a town. Comp…

A Motto, Lisa Murkowski, and the Lie That Is the U.S.A.

In the most unequitable of fashions, for the last few days I have been starved of writing topics. Now, today, when I actually have something I really should be studying for, I have a glut of things about which I could write. Firstly, I was inspired today to adopt an insightful new motto regarding the relationship between the political parties of the United States:

Democrats waste money. Republicans waste lives.
Obviously both political parties do both things, but I think this may sum up an essential difference. Tell me what you think.
Speaking of Republicans, today Lisa Murkowski - Senator for All Alaska - came to school. (Mark Begich is Senator for All Alaska too, but no one talks about him except to say he is a Democrat and paid back taxes.) Anyways, during third period a large group of students went to the auditorium to listen to the Senator speak and to ask her questions. I was among them. I've met Lisa twice before and she was by far the best member of our congressional electi…


This blog is now over nine months old.

Looking back at what I wrote nine months ago, it's a little amazing how much I've changed. Physically I am much lighter; I know that doesn't exactly show online, but I did make a few posts about weight troubles and plans to deal with them, as well as my eventual victory over them, and I tell you - being fit feels very good. Coming in stride with my newfound physique I think I've gained a newfound confidence in day-to-day interactions over these last few months, which in turn has led to other changes. Even my musical taste has changed: old standards have become boring to me, and music I used to find boring has brought new inspiration to my ears. I believe my writing has changed some; now I look back on things I wrote last summer and think of how I would write the same thing differently today, but perhaps one thinks of such criticism even the day after writing something. When I look at what Google Blogger has provided me, I really …

word painting

word painting unbounded is as sweet a poetry as passes eyes and underlies the artistry of letters . find lyrics to your mind because empirics cannot find the reality to be found in its totality in fact in fiction in sentence and diction , and while rhyme may form rhythm and sounds may repeat and speaking and singing are true the truth can be found in all words that abound enigmas unravelled by you and painting

Renaissance: The Rebirth of Things That Never Were

It's interesting to note that the European Renaissance set in motion an unprecedented stream of innovation and movement that has inevitably led to basis of the world as we know it today - and yet the period is termed a "rebirth."

Similarly, I think people may naturally impart ideas of revival on changes in their life that never "vived" at all. The present always has its foundation in the past, of course, but in some cases I think we intentionally misremember things just so we can feel the nostalgia - just so we can feel that we're reliving something instead of experiencing something completely new.
This idea may influence us most subliminally in the concept of deja vu. I know that when I experience deja vu it can be quite incredible; in a moment I am struck with a thousand thoughts: How has this happened to me before? Did I dream about this? Do I have the gift of foresight? In reality, it's likely that my deja vued experiences are purely mental inventio…

Give Me Individualism Any Day

I used to think that collectivism was always a good thing. As you may be aware, I'm a pretty leftist guy, and so socialist ideals of cooperation appeal to me. I still think humans should work for each other - for the collective good as well as their own. I doubt I will ever lose that belief. When one considers collectivism in general, however, it becomes clear that for people to work together is not always the best way for the good of all to be accomplished; indeed, idealistically, I would prefer that a person is at their heart independent in mind and independent in how they contribute to society. Humanity doesn't need sheep for its best betterment. Give me individualism any day.

Don't believe I am no longer willing to decry the flaws of capitalism. That supposedly "free" economic system enslaves humanity with its inequities: inequality constantly expanded and magnified by the very substance for which it is named - capital. My previous statement, I believe, best…