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Saturday Scavenging, Sunday Sleep

This weekend, I was a competitor in The Big Hunt, a city-wide scavenger hunt for Georgetown freshmen. I was on a team of five named "Cool Team Awesome Cool" (and I had nothing to do with that). The five of us are all from the two living and learning communities in the Southwest Quad, so we had all been in the same two orientation groups and know each other pretty well.

When we started off at 9:30 in the morning, we initially split up, the captain and I running, jogging and walking to Dupont Circle (nearly two miles) while the other three went to the Kennedy Center. Each team was given a booklet like a program you'd get for a performance, and each page had different places to go to and different questions to answer or activities to do. So while the rest of the team answered questions at the Kennedy Center, the captain and I did a model walk around the fountain at Dupont (gaining us star stickers from the Hunt coordinators who watched us), sang the Georgetown fight song, …

The Peace Prize and Updates on My Life

When we last left our blogger, he had just pledged to post more frequently, albeit more briefly. It has been nine days since then and the Publisher has been in stasis. Not to fear! I promise - I bring change.

Speaking of change, I would like to briefly address a news event that I heard about this morning in French class. In the past there have been questionable winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, maybe even ridiculous winners. All of these Nobel laureates, however, can be shown as actually having done something that might have contributed to peace. Apparently this policy has changed. Eight months as President of the United States is very little time to actually create peace, and Barack Obama has clearly has not accomplished anything in this vein. The Peace Prize has been consistently awarded to persons with long and prominent histories of service or who have worked tirelessly towards the attainment of selfless causes. Mahatma Gandhi, who I would argue is the greatest man of peace the wo…