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Twilight, and Ketchikan's Superlative Rainfall

Of late, (as in this evening and early morning), there has been one widely-recognized, easily-discussable thing have been on my mind. I'm sorry to say this, but it's been the Twilight books. I have not read Twilight, nor do I plan to. Unfortunately, this happy reality gives me pause to criticize books I have not read. Therefore, I will not judge (in writing). Instead, here are three points regarding Twilight that arouse my flawed and all-too-human biases: It is popular. Call me elitist, but I have had a long-standing tendency to suspect things that rush into mainstream adoration. (Wow - you can tell I have been thinking in French when it actually took me five seconds to conjugate "suspect" - suspicize?) Actually, rather than being anything close to "elitist" I think my suspicion stems from the rush, not the mainstream. I am a major proponent of the argumentum ad populum - and some of the time I even believe it is not at its root a fallacy. Instead I think t…

One Week, One Month

It is one week until I leave DC for the first time since coming here 92 days ago. It's also exactly a month until I will leave with my first semester of college complete.

Has college been how I thought it would be? Yes and no. Classes are just about how I expected them to be - lectures a couple times a week, papers, etc. I hadn't really imagined my classes being as large as they are, but I guess I can't complain as a freshman, and I know things will get a lot more personal each year.

I do have a couple pet peeves, and they probably need little explanation: water and noise. I think I drink WAY less than I should here, largely because the water really isn't that appetizing and I forget to bring water bottles to the dining hall to steal drinks. Finding somewhere quiet outside during the day has got to be impossible, and even during the night there's usually a building buzzing or something like that. The airplanes (and helicopters) overhead can be annoying, but I'v…

Next Semester's Preregistration and a School Update

Here's what I plan on taking next semester!
Advanced French IIPolitical and Social ThoughtHistory of Asian Cultures IIHistory of Africa II, andPrinciples of Macroeconomics I would say that school is going really well, as I think it is, but I think I will wait for the jury to come back on two very important tests I took last week before I say that with unchecked exuberance. Last Wednesday I took my second Microeconomics midterm, which I believe most people in the class were dreading (myself included) but then come the test, the questions were far easier than I could have possibly expected. In fact, I finished 25 minutes early. Was it really that easy? Or did I fool myself somehow? We'll have to see.
The other important test I took was un examen fran├žais on Friday. It's the third one of the year, and considering how badly the first went I think it's pretty important I don't get anywhere near that grade again. The quiz covered a lot of vocabulary, as well as grammar re…