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MLK Day: My First Week and Weekend Over

Today was quite the first: It was the first time I have ever been given Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a holiday.

Yes, the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District continues to ignore the fact that MLK Day is not only a federal holiday, but a time to celebrate one of the greatest figures in American history. I might find the district's negligence a little less irksome if they took even the smallest of efforts to promote district-wide instruction and events surrounding Dr. King's life during the school day, but as far as I know it has done absolutely nothing in that direction. Individual teachers may take the initiative to teach about the meaning of the holiday their children aren't receiving, but I think it's safe to say most students are left in the dark.

There might be an argument to keep students in school on MLK Day so that they would all better appreciate its significance, but that position couldn't even begin to have merit until all teachers are encouraged t…

Round 2, Day 1

And so it begins again. My second semester at Georgetown is filled with both continuity and change: Coming back here felt so normal it was almost disturbing. My first class was French, which really seems like it's going to be exactly the same as last semester, save for changed faces and better preparedness on my part. Macroeconomics may turn out being significantly different from micro when it comes to the class content and its teacher, but my attitude towards the course will likely be the same. Because of events the details of which are not know to me, History of Asian Cultures is now being taught by a different professor, so I really have no idea how things will turn out compared to last semester. The fourth class I had today was Political and Social Thought, and this too is rather an unknown to me at this point as far as knowing how well I'll like the class goes. My last class is History of Africa, which is the only class I have tomorrow.

My schedule has shifted slightly fr…