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Picture Day!

Yesterday I was inspired by how campus has broken out in the beauty of spring - so I decided to take pictures! I absolutely love the tulips that are in several places around campus, and the cherry trees are now on blossom. I've had a few bumps in the road recently - getting sick, papers, etc. - but walking among all these beautiful plants made my day. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

A New Conception of Spring

Apparently it will be in the 70's here by the end of this week. Some people say it's spring, but to me it already feels like summer.

In Ketchikan, spring's succession of winter is basically the progression from 30's and low 40's overcast and rainy weather to high 40's and 50's rainy and overcast weather. And I appreciate that. In fact, spring is perhaps my favorite time in Ketchikan, as winter is often just a bit too cold, fall a bit too wet and summer a bit too dry. I say "a bit" because weather and temperature really don't vary that much, month to month; the essential seasonal elements of my hometown are measured in the amount of sunlight and the amount of tourists.

After living in DC it's a little hard for me to understand why people get wrapped up in the extremes of Alaskan sunlight. Sunlight's seasonal changes and their effects are basically the same in the lower 48+DC - it's that ours are more exciting. My attitude towards wi…

An Apology

February 2010 is a month that will live in infamy. It is the first month (and hopefully will be the only) to have passed without a new post being added to this blog. It's not that I've been too busy to blog; it's just that life is about priorities, and writing blog posts has definitely slipped in my list of priorities recently (and throughout this blog's history). There was a time when my months had nearly as many blog posts as days! (Actually that was only May 2008 - this blog's first month - but still.)

My second semester of school is passing on as would be largely be expected. I think it's been a lot better than last semester, with more enjoyable classes (like History of Africa) and the absence of mind-numbing ones (like International Relations). (The other big class-content switch that's been made is from my proseminar to Political and Social Thought, but that change is a bit more neutral.)  I've made progress in having better college habits too, mo…