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April's End

As I recently stated in a Facebook status update, I now have 275 minutes of class, 3 papers and 3 finals left. Yes, I do use Facebook; I'm sure a vast majority of American college students do. Anyone want to wager a guess at the rate? 90%? 95? It is an amazing tool of communication - allowing me and everyone else on Fb to easily keep in contact with people we know, whenever we want, in ways that would be impossible otherwise.

Facebook also, however, is an easy way to waste time. Despite the countless gifts it gives us, the internet in general is too. In discussing the use of computers in college lectures, the point has been made that daydreaming in class was not invented at the advent of the laptop. This is true, of course, and I have proved that from time to time while I've been in college as well as high school. Nevertheless, I have never used a computer during class; it just makes not paying attention so much easier.

So, speaking of classes, today I got back the result of m…

Classes for Fall 2010!

I realize I have continued to be a delinquent blogger. I know I've said this before too, but college just has to be a higher priority, and there's a lot of time that goes into college. That said, I am now looking down the homestretch of my freshman year. It's just a little unbelievable! The passage of time is such a crazy phenomenon. In terms of major grades, I now only have seven assignments and events remaining: two PST papers, an HA paper, a French oral exam, and finals for French, Econ and HAC. I've also pre-registered for my classes next semester. I'll know for sure whether I got everything I wanted in a week or two, but until then, here is what I signed up for:

International Perspectives on Global HistoryEast European History ISocial History of the French PeopleComparative Political SystemsInternational TradeLet me know what you think!

2000th Rated Song

Today is the first day of my first Easter Break at Georgetown University (and probably my first "Easter Break" ever, since KGBSD never gave us days off around this time). Today, I rated my 2000th song on my iTunes. I currently have 3330 songs, 1210 of which I've never even listened to (or at least haven't played on iTunes). For a while, I've made it a goal to decrease this number (which I have, by hundreds and hundreds) and also rate all these neglected songs (on iTunes' five star scale) so that I know which are good ones to go back and listen to more. Now, 2000 of my songs have ratings, and the 2000th to be rated was "Coleraine's Jig/Jackson's Jig" from Taheny & Reid's Celtic Christmas album.

This is not an important event in my life, and it's rather sad that I should write a post on this when so many much more important things have been neglected on my blog, but please understand my position: I have woefully under-posted here i…

Finally Posted: Fun Times and Portents at AU

It has been nearly a year since my "east coast college trip" which my dad took me on last April before I had to decide where I was going to school. We flew to DC and then drove up to Princeton and Yale, stopping in Philadelphia on the way back to DC, where I took part in weekend programs for both American and Georgetown. The ironic result of the trip was that Georgetown was the place where I actually had the least fun. I don't even have any pictures of me being there! - and I have many from the other schools. The trip was enjoyable and educational, and I think it was very good that I got to see and compare both American and Georgetown. Ultimately, Princeton and Yale didn't accept me off their wait lists and my choice was really between AU, GU, and Macalester. My decision was essentially to go for the best - and I don't regret it one bit.

I do regret, however, not having blogged much much more about the second half of the trip. I did write a pretty good amount sev…