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A Hello from July

Dear Blog,

I have returned to you tonight because of an email from Blogger telling me about all the great new features you have, and also because of the shame and guilt I bear for not having written on you very often this summer. You will be pleased to note, however, that life is good and beautiful. I am content and relaxed in my job; I just received great news on my financial aid for next year; I face each morning with happiness and enjoy every day to the fullest; I am ever more in love with my girlfriend, and I know in my heart she is the one.

Though you yourself will never know the joys of sentience, I am sure you take some sort of satisfaction, however possible, in being a place of record for my life. If for no other reason, (though there are other reasons), I must surely continue blogging to give meaning to your existence.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Stanton