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Where Has August Gone?

It certainly didn't go with time spent writing blogposts. I suppose the simple fact is that I've been busy - busy working, busy spending time with others. My last day of work was on Wednesday, and since then I've been overwhelmed with the reality of how few days I have left in my summer. I've certainly had new experiences this summer - getting my driver's license, getting my first real job - and enjoying things all the way, but it seems to me that I am always in need of more time, to be spent in one way or another, and having several more days in the summer might have been good for that.

In many ways, college is more relaxing than being at home, and I definitely have a lot more "me" time in DC. But DC is lonely, and to be honest with myself, I have quite a lot of "me" time in Ketchikan: I simply choose to spend it with others, especially my girlfriend, and I wouldn't do it any other way. The two of us have been pretty sad lately as we approa…