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Even Crazier?

Today I added another class, called Russia A-Z. I registered for it 15 minutes before it began. It is only worth one credit, but it should be interesting, and now I have six classes.

Now, I believe, nothing else will change my schedule. The next thing on my list is to buy my books.

Editorial update: Just one week after this, I dropped the class on Russia because its final would have kept me in DC for several extra days, and my work schedule has worked out better without it too.

An Incredible Semester Schedule

It was just a few posts ago (in April) when I typed out the classes I was going to pre-register for to take this semester. It turns out I only got three of those five in pre-registration, but instead of International Perspectives on Global History I got my second choice, History of Ireland, so I was only one class short of a full load. Yesterday I found out that International Trade, the last class I wanted to take, is full and closed to registration or with dozens on the waitlist - for every period. Thus, today, after my first day of classes, I was forced to accept that I will not be taking economics this semester.

As much as I dislike economics for its immorality, pseudo-science, and general non-applicability to what I wish to do in life, I still have to take two more classes in the field. I did really want to take the ITrade class this semester, so then after I took IFinance the next, I'd be totally done with econ requirements. My current situation will postpone taking care of a…