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Finished With My Thesis!

Hey everyone! I've now finished writing my thesis early after seven months work! It's still over a month until the final deadline, but I feel completely done with everything I set out to do. Check it out—here's the screenshot from my title page, with an epigraph and everything:

I would have included the whole thing, but the document is way too large to include in a blogpost—150 pages! My writing covers a complete, holistic chronology of Tlingit history all the way from 1775 to 1896, and has in depth analysis of the years from 1856-1896 addressing every point of argument I could think of. I'm really proud of what I've written, and at this point all I have left to do is print out the document and turn it in...

Atg̱adaax̱eit Yinaadei Dísee Fools! 
(It's for "Month Before Everything Hatches" Fools' Day, or, you know, April.)

In reality, I have a long way to go before I finish my thesis. It's really about 80 pages of text, I probably have 15-20 sig…

Kayhi Needs a Tlingit Class

Dear Editor of the Ketchikan Daily News,

I would like to make a serious, concrete suggestion for Ketchikan High School: Get a Tlingit class.

There are a number of obstacles to providing a class in the Tlingit language at Kayhi, but the first and most important is to find a will among the superintendent, school board, and community members. I believe this idea has the capacity to bring our community together, and once we have the will to provide a Tlingit class, everything else will be easy.

The benefits of having just a single Tlingit class far outweigh the difficulties or costs. Having a Tlingit class at Ketchikan High School signifies that the whole community has taken a positive step toward recognizing and valuing its Tlingit heritage, and it provides students of all backgrounds with the opportunity to learn more about their home than they ever could have before.

When Will Kayhi Have Tlingit Class?

I've written quite a few times on this blog about Native American languages, and Lingít (Tlingit) in particular. Back in August I made the case that the Tlingit language deserves more respect and attention in Southeast Alaska, including a presence in public school classrooms. Now I'd like to follow that broad idea with a serious, concrete suggestion for Ketchikan High School: Get a Tlingit class.

Yogurt Drinks – My Favorite

I think I have always loved yogurt: I remember eating yogurt with sprinkles as a kid, and I even wrote an article on Ketchikan Underground about yogurt when I was in high school. I still love yogurt, and I have to say I love pretty much every kind there is: cheap, expensive, plain, crazy-flavored, over-sugared, unsugared, foreign and domestic. Yogurt drinks, on the other hand, are something I've discovered only within the last few years. Let me tell you, though—yogurt drinks are amazing.