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The Racial Dot Map and Ketchikan, Alaska

I recently happened upon an impressive project called the "Racial Dot Map." As stated in this article, this is not the first map that has attempted to display every U.S. citizen, and it certainly isnʼt the first map to try to tackle the present realities of racial segregation in a compelling and eye-catching manner. The Racial Dot Map does, however, do an amazing job in both these respects, and I was particularly interested to use the resource to look at my own community of Ketchikan, Alaska.

Tlingit Place Names and Words of the Day 1

As I continue my small efforts to promote Lingít, (the Tlingit language), I've begun to occasionally post Tlingit place names or other "words of the day" to Twitter and Facebook. This is my first compilation of the posts I've done so far, and hopefully there will be many more to come.

Reactions to the Jurassic Park Movies

Sometimes, you come to the party late. Sometimes, you come to the party so late that no one even remembers the party. The latter is the case for this subject, but I've decided to blog about it anyway.

It's been two decades since the film Jurassic Park came out, and twelve years since the release of Jurassic Park III. I, however, never saw any of the Jurassic Park movies until this summer, when I watched all three of them over the course of a few days.

Here are some of my thoughts and reactions:

Prezis at UAS and "Confronting the Waashdan Ḵwáan"

I discovered Prezi two and a half years ago, and I've very much enjoyed using it ever since, although I haven't been able to do so all that frequently. As of now I have created a total of ten prezis, but now for the first time I will share one on this blog.

Prezi is essentially an online presentation built on a boundless and interactive field, rather than the traditional PowerPoint slide. In fact, Prezi has so many advantages over PowerPoint in terms of its adaptability, ease of use, and "wow" factor that I can't understand why anyone would use PowerPoint ever again.