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Six Books of Summer Reading

This blog has been politics-heavy lately and will probably continue to be until the November 4th election and even afterward. For now, though, I'd like to take a break to write about reading.

I've been recording the title, author, and date finished of every book I've finished reading since the beginning of my senior year of high school—August 2008. That's over six years of reading records I have now.

I take care to say it's a list of books I finished reading, since there are many other books I began to read or even mostly read that didn't make the list. I don't really have a strict standard for book length, either; some were relatively easy reads that just took a day. Nevertheless, I think the list is dominated by good, full-length books.

My list is now 153 books long, which works out to a grand average of one book finished every 14.51 days, or about 25 books per year. While that rate seems very modest to me, it's above the overall American average of …

First Three Sean Parnell Memes

I'm really excited about the Bill Walker-Byron Mallott Unity Ticket for Alaska. To celebrate, I started making a bunch of memes related to Sean Parnell's flawed and failed governorship. Here are the first three:

Feel free to make your own by going on and using this base image (taken from Creative Commons).