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About Peter's Publisher, "personal printing press for the ponderings of Peter Stanton"

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taken November 2010
I created this blog when I was sixteen years old and a junior in high school. I use it as a platform to write about anything, from politics to poetry, and many things in between. My goal for Peter's Publisher has always been simply to write—not to gain attention or an audience. If you do read this blog, I welcome you to leave comments. Thoughtful conversation is always valuable and appreciated.


Peter's Publisher is a personal blog, not a serious academic or journalistic endeavor, and should always be considered in that light.

I should repeat that this blog was created when I was only sixteen years old—back when I was more opinionated and even less experienced than I am now. The blog has now lasted into my twenties and I don't know how long I will continue it. During that time I've changed a lot, just as everyone does, and that's reflected in the writing and opinions on the blog. I know better than anyone that I have written some strange things on this blog: I've made arguments that I would now disagree with and used phrases I would never use again. All the same, I will not go back and alter the record of my development and growth. In part, this blog's serves to preserve that personal history.

I have been known to correct spelling and grammar errors in old posts whenever I find any. Also note that some older posts may be badly formatted, particularly with missing paragraph breaks. I blame Blogger for this issue, but I will do my best to go back and fix problems if I find them or if you point them out for me in a comment.


The blog's background is a photo of Ketchikan's Point Higgins neighborhood, taken in June 2016 from Pup Island.

Created by Peter Stanton, May 1, 2008.