12 May 2008

My 12th of May 2008 began at midnight while I was doing homework, or at least while I was planning on doing homework. For some reason though I developed a headache, which is really strange for me, and it was definitely one of the most painful in my memory. I got myself ready to the point that I would survive in school without needing to do any more before going to sleep, and then went outside to get some fresh air. Standing in the doorway in the cold strangely moved the pain more than lessened it, although it did decrease the ache.

Then I went to sleep, and the following words sum up all that happened after I woke up: chemistry worksheet, busy careers, Bowlen back, AcDc bar, history review game (2nd despite boom-pow), no tuna, French puppetry drudgery, trig to logs, ride, tuna, computer, ultimate college guide, computer, food, France meeting, computer (email dead), dinner, House, interview call (Mayor Bob), secret pockets and Euros, King 5, Leno, walk, shower

I would also say "blog," but it's too late for that. Today is already yesterday.