A Brief Thought on Bush

I think I may very well be creating a post overload here with my posting over the last few days, but I just read this on the internet (on IMDB, of all places) and was immediately struck: "Without 9/11 Bush would have lost in a landslide in 2004 and faded away into history and remembered only by presidential trivia buffs." I think the person got it right on! Not surprisingly, before 9/11 Bush was perhaps the lamest president ever. It was 9/11 that made him begin doing dangerous things. On the other hand, there's significant evidence that Bush and co. (or at least just the co.) were planning to go back to Iraq even before 9/11. But 9/11 certainly provided the climate in which to attack Iraq, and even some justification- at least in the minds of the stupid. Just something to think about...


  1. Hey, thanks for your comment on my posts recently. We must live in extreme opposite worlds... I live in East Texas and you in Alaska...

    Where would you say the one place to visit in Alaska would be?

  2. Interesting how you bring up Bush and co. and their wanting to invade Iraq, even before 9/11... At your birthday party, my dad whispered to me, "Invading Iraq by the Americans was like invading Poland by the Nazis."
    What do you think of that, eh?


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