Current School Problems

Today I slept through school and I'm facing a few problems with some of my classes. Here they are: 

Chemistry: As far as work is concerned, chemistry is almost never a problem, but after today I have twelve absences from the class for this semester, which is the number at which a student is officially supposed to lose credit. I doubt that I really will get credit taken away and have to take a semester of science next year, but the possibility is still a little bit disconcerting.

Careers: Currently I have a D in careers class, work in which was previously just a minor annoyance but is now a serious pain. I need to do another interview before Friday and turn in a big assignment that was due a while ago. What a waste of time!

Language: English is in fact one of my least problematic areas right now, aside from the upcoming AP test. I still need to read through a book and work on other projects though, so the class isn't totally out of my work picture.

World History: I really need to study for the upcoming AP test and I need to get two assignments done, but at least in this class I no longer have to worry about not getting an A.

French: Usually this class creates absolutely no stress or concern about anything whatsoever, but I'm feeling the crunch on making my marionettes and performing a play that really hasn't been finished.

Trigonometry: This class is also not much of a problem right now, but I still have assignments that I need to do and a test to prepare for. For right now, I need to get an interview set up, do the homework I have and then study for my AP tests. Wish me luck.