Death, and the Birth of a Blog

I have been planning to create a blog for quite some time, and the recent announcement that Ketchikan Underground will be shutting down prompted me to finally do so.

The creation of KU near the end of my freshman year coincided with my juvenile entrance into regular use of the internet. (Its first post was on May 10th, 2006.) Writing on the site became a frequent activity of mine, and if I have ever had anything comparable to a blog before, KU was it. Ketchikan Underground became a vibrant online community of teenagers in my town- a host to poetry, politics, and brutal fights, a source of breaking news, a source of making news, and just a place for people to write absolutely whatever they wished. After many bumps in road including many intense conflicts involving myself, KU very suddenly shut down more than a year after its beginning.

After several months, KU began again just as an online forum and not the original website it was before. Although I again contributed much to the site in the spirit of old times, nothing sparked as it had before and the number of visitors and contributors was never close to what it had been. Now it will be down for good, and it will be up to future groups of teens in Ketchikan to recreate the kind of community that Ketchikan Underground was. That adventure is not for me. I am now content to have this blog, a site unto myself, and this is where my writing shall be.

[Update on 5/4/12: As far as I know, the articles and content of Ketchikan Underground's various incarnations over the years no longer exist or are no longer accessible online. KU's successor AK Voice can be found here, but it has yet to become an active community.]