Detesting and Desiring Width

I would say with a large amount of certainty that never in my life have I been thin. Before entering school I was not thin as any healthy baby and toddler is not thin, but by kindergarten I was chunky, overweight- whatever adjective you want to use. I don't know what exactly my peak was, but I was definitely not just a little overweight. I doubt that I was ever technically obese, but truth be told I am still overweight and I really need to solve the problem as soon as possible. Obviously I am taller now than I ever was before, and I have stayed at the same weight (even dropped a little) for a very long time. Viewed from the front, some people may even think I'm just about right as far as weight is concerned, but while my stomach was spread flatter when I got taller, my rear failed to get the memo. That's all I'll say about that.

Let's move to what I'm going to do about all this. In a few weeks I will be going to France, which will involve a lot of walking, a lot of heat and a large jolt to my life's sedentary status quo. Hopefully this will get me in better shape, and hopefully I can do more during the summer to get healthier after I get back. This is just hope though, and I have hoped to get thin for many summers and it hasn't worked. I have more concrete prospects for finally getting rid of my fat. My dad has issued an ultimatum that my little brother and I will have to walk to school together next year and that no rides will provided, as has become my habit to get this year. This daily dose of almost two miles there are back again should be coupled with another year of P.E. If you had told me a few months ago that I would be planning to take P.E. again my senior year I wouldn't believe you. Looking at my future schedule though it seems like the best choice for my sixth class and if the new P.E. teacher gives me a bit of freedom I will abandon the stupid games and work out every day instead. As long as my diet stays the same- I see no reason why I will not be fit by the time I graduate next year. I'm looking forward to it. 

Now, as to my desire for width, that concerns this blog. It really bothers me that the section with my posts in it is only about half the width of the internet page and a ton of space is wasted off to the left. Because of that I've been searching for Blogger skins that will make more room for this writing, but when I've tried to use a few they haven't worked. I really want some width for this blog, and a new color scheme as well. The choices provided here are really inadequate and it seems my only choice for having writing span the screen is to have an incredibly plain theme with all the extras clumsily put at the bottom. I want width! - for my blog.

 Update: I realized that the colors for the templates can be edited, so I went with the incredibly plain and put some color in. Problem solved.