Exxon Mobil: Pure Evil?

Already my state has "expressed disappointment" over the polar bear's recent listing as an endangered species. Apparently, trying to save the polar bear will adversely affect oil and natural gas development. Wait a second- no government action has even occurred yet because of the polar bear. A recent drilling project on the North Slope was stopped because it was ruled that not enough had been researched as to the environmental impact of the plan. That has nothing to do with the ESA. I think we are missing what is really blocking development. Let's focus on the real enemy here, ok?

Alaskans, wake up! Have you forgotten that your state is suing Exxon Mobil and BP for intentionally leaving oil and gas fields untapped in order to raise prices? We have had to sue them to bring oil and gas to market, which is what we basically hired them to do. Have you forgotten that Exxon Mobil is now suing the state of Alaska- for $800 million? Did you even know these things? Alaskans- have you forgotten that Exxon Mobil has still left families in south central penniless two decades after the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill? The company digests it through the courts over and over again, paying millions to their lawyers instead of in compensation to the lives they ruined. Alaskans- the enemy to the proper development of our natural resources is not in Washington D.C. It is not "enviro-nitwits" as Michelle Malkin (bitch) would say. It is not the polar bear. It is the oil companies.

For too long have the behemoths of Exxon Mobil, BP, Chevron and ConocoPhillips stolen our state's precious resources and left us a pittance in return. For too long have they grown rich and given us nothing. Do a few hundred jobs justify their rape and burglary of the Great Land? They spit in our face by suing over our revocation of their leases. THIS IS OUR LAND. THIS IS OUR OIL. THIS IS OUR ALASKA. Why do we continue to feed the grotesque, faceless corporate Gargantuas? Where do these millions upon billions of dollars go? It certainly doesn't trickle down to us.

Honestly I ask this, not rhetorically in the least- where does the money that the oil companies make go? It certainly doesn't all go to the employees. Is it just sucked into the corporation- into that limitless capacity for greed, that limitless drive for profit? Striving for profit has failed as an idea. Capitalism works, but it is a disease. It allows us to live, and in some ways it allows us to live quite well, but it simultaneously spreads decay through everywhere but the most vile and lifeless portions of our hearts. Alaska- declare your independence. Declare your independence from the oil companies! (And while we're at it, declare your independence from the U.S.A. as well.) Long live Alaska!


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