Google is Inflating My Ego! (Plus Don Young)

I have boasted previously on this blog about its progress in certain Google searches, namely in the search of "Ketchikan blog". I'm happy to say Peter's Publisher is holding its own at #10 for that search, as of a few minutes ago. But there's much more!

I had previously put "Peter's Publisher" into the Google search engine when this site was much younger, and needless to say my blog was not to be found. But as of a few minutes ago, this blog is in fact now result #2 when one searches "Peter's Publisher". But that's not even close to this next thing!

I have held it as almost a life-goal of mine to become a top hit when my name Peter Stanton is googled. On Facebook alone, there are dozens and dozens of other Peter Stantons as well as people whose names incorporate both Peter and Stanton whether by having Peter as their middle name or in other ways. I have long thought that the addition of "Alaska" into the search was required to receive a hit that was actually talking about me. And that was true. For a long while the major references to me on the internet revolved around my winning of the Alaska State National Geographic Bee when I was in seventh grade, and so searching "Peter Stanton Alaska" would yield that satisfactory result.

Now, however, I have discovered that I—me, myself, the one and only—am #5 when one simply searches "Peter Stanton." I am so proud of myself! I thought I was going to have to get famous to be one of the top hits for my name, but really all it took was a good letter in to SitNews.

Here it is: my winning reference on the world wide web. I had no idea it could be popular enough to beat out the likes of such sites as those for the Peter Stanton School of Dance, which was the top hit for a while. I'm very glad that it's received so many hits, because (not to be too humble here) it was a well-written, pointed and brief piece that brought important attention to Don Young, my least favorite member of the United States House of Representatives.

That letter of mine doesn't even scratch the surface though. Examining the Drop Don website is a good start to covering all the corruption this man has been unashamedly involved in. That site, however, is done by the Alaska Democratic Party, and although I have absolutely nothing against that organization, it is understandably a possible source of bias. Bias is in everything; it's unavoidable. Corruption, on the other hand, is not unavoidable, and it can be destroyed.

I can talk much about the facts that surround Don Young's corruption, but that can be easily researched by the reader and read about in my letter and at The best source for opinions comes from personal experience, and regrettably, I have that with Don Young. I met the man at his office in Washington D.C. and he just reeks of rudeness and self-centeredness, even when just with a visiting little kid. It's no surprise to see a video like this:

There is, however, a much more important personal experience that I wish to share, but this is the experience of my dad. The following are the exact words of Loren Stanton, as dictated to me, his son:

"After the Exxon Valdez accident, a group of five Alaskans who knew they were going to be in Washington D.C. made appointments about thirty days in advance with our senators and congressman in Washington D.C. because we knew we were going to be there. We visited with Frank Murkowski for a few minutes and then he handed us over to three of his experienced staff members. We understood the importance of staff and we knew that elected officials didn't have much time so we respected that. We then went to Ted Stevens' office, and he graciously invited us all into his office and spoke to us for over thirty minutes.

"We then proceeded to Don Young's office to discuss with him some of the issues that we thought were important. When we arrived in Don Young's office we were told that Don Young was not there. We were asked if we would like to meet with some of Don Young's staff, and we said yes. We said yes because we knew that staff people would transmit our thoughts and feelings to our representative. We were asked to sit in the outer office and a nineteen year old intern who had never been to Alaska came out to talk to us. He had a legal pad with him, but as we spoke, he wrote nothing. He did not show any signs of truly listening to us and our concerns.

"After some period of time, I heard behind me at the reception desk a man saying that executives of an oil company had arrived and they would like to see Don Young. The receptionist picked up her phone, and in about five seconds Don Young burst out of his office, walked over to the oil company executives, shook their hands, and very happily ushered them into his office. I say in conclusion, the story speaks for itself in regards to the amount of respect Don Young has for his constituents. But what stunned me the most was the staff blatantly lying to our faces."

It's clear from recently revealed happenings that Don Young's well-constructed web of power is falling apart. I feel extremely confident that he will not be reelected this November. If he is, I will have received a serious blow to my confidence in my fellow Alaskans. This jerk has "served" us long enough.