Guess What...

In the face of adversity, our hero comes through once again! Well, I'm my own hero at least, and I think that's the way it should be. Everyone should be their own hero (or heroine, or heroin...).

 It is 5:30, and I have had a very successful Monday. My Monday never had a clear start, as many of my days don't. It was just about exactly midnight when I got a ride home from working on homework at Elliott's and then commenced doing my own work alone. I completed my second and third career interest interview reports and then did a personal response paper for an essay in English. By then it was past 4 am, so I decided to get to bed. Around 7:20 I got up and ready for school, getting the work I had done hours before printed out and going off to be just on time for the first bell in getting to chemistry. I had been unsure about my understanding of the current material in chem, but I got 100% on the big quiz that I missed and I think I got only one wrong on the smaller quiz. Then I worked on my one current worksheet and felt quite redeemed as far as chemistry was concerned- but this would come fully later.

Then I got my two interview reports from my locker and proudly marched down to the job fair in the library, presenting the two late assignments to Ms. Machado with a "Guess what I have!" She has not updated grades for quite some time, so I honestly do not know what my grade is or will look like, but I hoping it will be good, and I hope that the job fair grade is going to be very very valuable. The job fair went very well for me. I was interviewed by a border security officer, a man with the Coast Guard and... Mr. Karlik. Just hearing those three might make those who know me well think I was completely sunk, but getting interviewed by the three men was enjoyable and I believe I was relatively flawless. The customs officer guy (whatever he was) was particularly complimentary and went through his grading of me at the end. He gave me 4.5 out of 5 for most of the categories and didn't go through the last ones while I was there, and even though that's a 90% I think it was still good as far as the evaluation system went. Not everything is based on a 60%=failing system you know! Although there's still a bit of uncertainty surrounding careers still, I feel confident that I'll pass it without further glitches. The hard part seems to be over with.

 In English I began my collection of yearbook signatures, but I definitely haven't gotten everyone, even in that one class. I also entrusted my third of a group assignment to Olivia, so hopefully she turned it in... If Mrs. Bowlen penalizes that any large amount I might be in trouble. Those would be grade problems I would definitely not want to deal with. In World History, Turkey's fares in Diplomacy were mixed. We made landfall on the Italian peninsula, but both Russia and Austria have turned on us, which is absolutely ridiculous. Hopefully tomorrow we shall be able to make peace with Russia or hold them at bay while crushing the pitiful Austrians. It was their taking of Greece that was most infuriating, because we were Austria's greatest ally and they were already dying. We were the reason they had lasted so long, and yet- they turn on us at a pivotal point. What Aryan and Magyar scum! Insha'Allah the Ottomans will be victorious.

In French I began painting my marionette; I'm not sure how well that will turn out, but I know that I failed miserably on the mechanics of the puppet. For trig, I will be going over the large take-home test again- the one that required the session at Elliott's as well as an hour and a half with Grant, Erik, Chrissy, Zoe, Molly Oien and Cody. I have answers for everything now, but I still haven't even looked at some of the questions yet. So now at 9:46 I am blogging, just after an hour and a half after the end of a France trip meeting that started at 6. Before the meeting I was on the computer, but before I went home I fulfilled the other big accomplishment of the day, which was beginning my "penance" to save myself from losing credit in chemistry because of my absences. That's all I have. It seems kind of dumb at times to just summarize my day for this blog, but on the other hand it may provide some good memories or at least just a record of this time in my life.