Highlight of the Day

The highlight of my day was finally setting up my schedule for next year, which is going to be wonderful. Here it is:
  • AP Calculus: This promises to be my least enjoyable class, but I'll survive and it should be worthwhile.
  • American Government: This will be fun fun fun.
  • AP Literature and Composition: From what I've heard of Ms. Kummant, she will likely amuse me or make me mad; I don't know yet. Probably she'll do both. Regardless, English is good.
  • Debate: I've not been in debate before, but it should be somewhat enjoyable and I may get to go to a competition or two, depending on conflicts with AcDc.
  • Advanced French: There are going to be a lot of people in it next year. It'll be fun!
And then -this is the best part- I don't have to take a sixth class! I don't know what all I'll do with myself, but I know I'm going to put a lot into being Academic Decathlon captain, especially on days when we have meetings after school.