The Joys of Power

Yesterday and today I refereed four games between my school's girls' soccer teams and those of Juneau's high school. I was an assistant referee for the first three and then was the center ref for the last one. Although I usually get paid for refereeing, I won't be for my work this weekend, but it was still enjoyable.

Refereeing is almost always enjoyable for me; there have been very few instances where the job has upset me, other than when it takes away time I'm reluctant to give up. First off, I got to see the girls play, and I probably wouldn't have gone if I wasn't going to ref. Watching any sport can get a little boring if you're not working as well. Secondly, I got to be amused by a variety of people, most notably the Juneau coach, who was humorously critical of almost everything we did in the four games but then at the end of the last game was very complimentary of me. I was in fact preparing for some sort of conflict after the game ended and I kind of hoped to card him, but instead he went a little over the top saying "Good job, laddie," etc. etc.

 Power is a very enjoyable feature of being a referee, and the feeling is rather indescribable. Having so much control and then controlling things so well is bliss. Being on the field gets you into a sort of natural movement, anticipating where the ball will go and moving so as to keep the play between yourself and an AR. Then you have the power to make things right, and to do things right. The one big mistake I made in my game was that I didn't have the girl I yellow-carded leave the field. The coaches took her out at the next stoppage though so it was fine. I'd like to think I got along with all of the players very well, but who knows what they thought of me. Indeed I hope that people can give referees the respect they deserve, because we really are deserving of it. This isn't just for me, but for absolutely any sports official, because in reality they are the people who come closest to the reality of the game besides the players themselves, and they've developed the expertise to be able to deal with that. I truly enjoy meting out justice and making games go fairly and well. If power corrupts, I don't think it's caught up to me yet.