KU Update and My Profile Explosion

Well, it's actually happened. Ketchikan Underground is now dead and the links provided by me regarding it will now either lead to the creator's epitaph or to nowhere at all. Rest in peace- or rather, be reborn. I think we all need you back sooner or later. I believe it was fitting for the site to die after it had been resurrected already into such a dishonorable state. It should be replaced by something grander, something that really does involve all the voiceless of Ketchikan instead of just a few clics dwindling to a few pitiful individuals- myself included. All the same, the sooner a new forum for my town's great young minds comes back, the better. I certainly won't be able to make it.

I try to make this little blog unique, but still I'm just one page of code among googles of it, and I need Google to help me with it for Christ's sake. On the more positive side, I actually have added quite a lot to this today, largely in the manner of adding to my profile. I also added more widgets, most notably all those clocks spread down the side. I added dozens of books, movies, interests and more to my profile, and I figured out how the random question thing works. Now I shall add even more, and hopefully tomorrow I shall have more to add in the form of words and not just pretty links and gadgets.


  1. o.k. frist of i dont know what u just said.
    secondly, i love to write, something you like to do,iam i correct?
    third, pretty reson i am talking to u is i am writing a book. some of it is based in alaska, in ketchikan (you live there right?). ineed some help with the infromation of the town please help me. descibe the high school and town, please.


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