May Day School Day

8:10 Ketchikan High School entered. I am ten minutes late, but today that seems to matter even less that it usually does. I do the lab for the rest of the period and finish it.

8:58 Math book discovered. I had lost my math book yesterday, which made me very distressed and had me spend a lot of time and worry looking for it, but after a tense night without it I found it this morning in Careers class, where it had traveled after being in chemistry yesterday and then getting left behind when I went on to AP Language.

Speaking of which- English was pretty lax today as it has been for a long while and seems it will be for the rest of the year. Besides taking the AP test, I believe there may only be three things left to do for the class. In AP World we continue watching Frontline's story on the Tankman. It was good of course, but there's not a lot to say about a class when you're just sitting watching a dvd. During lunch I did my trig homework, which turned out to be unnecessary, but it was good to do anyways. I won't have to do it tonight. In French we continued to faisons le papier mâché and in Trig we went over homework questions, did our own notes for the next section and got a visit from Mrs. Bowlen, speaking of whom, I interviewed about her work in the Peace Corps after school for Careers. After that, I wandered about the school for a bit and then walked home.