Problems in West Virginia

West Virginia- I had nothing against you. In fact, I love the reason for your entire existence. Well, I don't love the Civil War, but I think a state created as the part of a state that was open to change and progress should be quite proud of itself. Not today, West Virgina, not today.

Ok, to be serious, I have nothing against West Virginia. In fact, there's nothing wrong with it. Criticizing states is just stupid. But don't think I'm not going to be critical in this post; it's coming. The people I do have something against are those 20% of white West Virginians voting in the primary who said that race was a factor in their vote. I have serious problems with people who see "race" as a factor in anything, let alone something as important as a presidential election. I do not have a problem with the many West Virginians (not included in the above) who voted for Clinton. I don't have a problem with Hillary Clinton continuing to run, either. Both these actions of voting and running are vital to this nation's democracy, and I would never discourage anyone from doing either. That's my focus here- democracy, and I strive to have my opinions consistently reflect my value of democracy.

Therefore, I do have a problem with Hillary Clinton. It's not that she's getting votes or continuing to run. It's that she thinks she can still win. This may be a little surprising, but I respected Mike Huckabee's Republican Primary race more than anyone else's. I was glad that he stayed in the race far after he would have been able to take the nomination from McCain -for democracy's sake- and I was incredibly disappointed that Romney dropped out so early and basically just handed it over to McCain. How is it democracy for the first scheduled primary states to decide who a candidate is while most of the country doesn't get a say in it? In fact, I think all the candidates who are in the primary at the beginning should be required to stay in it. Sure it'd be expensive and impractical. Democracy is expensive and impractical. It is also RIGHT. This is what Hillary is doing right now- she is letting the last states have their say, she is letting West Virginians say "we would rather have Hillary." This is good information; it gives the pundits something to analyze. But what she is also is saying is that she will be the nominee, and this is only possible if we overturn democracy.

When Huckabee stayed in his primary to the point that people said it was ridiculous, he said he was in it for democracy, and he was. Now that Hillary staying in hers, she's saying she's against democracy. This is fact: It is impossible for Hillary Clinton to win the popular vote out of votes cast in the Democratic Primaries. It won't happen. So instead, Clinton claims that she will persuade the "superdelegates" to vote for her and overturn the popular vote. Does anyone else think this is wrong?! If the Democratic Party can continue to pretend that its primary system is Democratic in the least, Barack Obama must be its candidate. Hillary- you can stay in the race, but lady, you have problems.


  1. Problems? Why don't you read up on Hilary's life on Wikipedia…just search "Hilary Clinton." (By the way...this comment may sound rather rude...but it is NOT intended to be that way. It's all with due respect.) She has had a lifetime of firsts...and yes...she WILL make the comeback of all time! She WILL! And by the way...if you're going to call yourself the Democratic nominee (i.e. Barack Obummer) it's pretty embarrassing to have a...uhmmhm...40-POINT LOSS! HELLO! And Sen. Obama REALLY doesn't have much of a lead over Hillary anyway...especially after last night and with superdelegates beginning to reconsider Sen. Clinton. Barack Obama has shown that he clearly IS just another “politician” by saying different things to different people to try to please certain demographics (i.e. gun control.) Hillary Clinton has undoubtedly shown how she is more electable than Sen. Obama (respectively.) Oh and, by the looks of things the DNC will be counting Michigan and Florida which will make Hillary the nominee and the 44th President of the United States.

  2. Patricia (from France)30 June, 2008

    Okay, so hillary didn't win. But you have to respect the woman who was working twice as hard for half the respect any man would get. And its not even her fault anyway. Her husband's baggage is what cost her most of the votes anyway. If Barrack had run eight, or even just four years later, women could have had a shot. Now, who knows. We may have to YET AGAIN wait a hundred MORE years for our chance. Just like the vote...

  3. I truly hope that Hillary didn't lose because she's a woman, just like I hope that Barack Obama didn't win because he's black. Race and gender really shouldn't matter in anything, let alone something as important as a presidential election.


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