Sites to Visit

Currently I have a list of websites to visit on the right side of this blog. It may change sides, get edited or be deleted in the future, so here are a few of the most important and I will give you a good overview of why absolutely anyone should visit these sites- especially you, the valued reader, of whose existence I am not even sure. is a great social networing site built around changes that you wish to see in the world. People may criticize it for not really doing anything besides saying things like "I want to end global poverty," but in reality it offers many ideas on little things that you can do to change the world and it brings together many different causes and organizations, the vast majority of which are very deserving and deserve attention. Please check it out, and if you aren't inspired to donate or support to a cause, you can at least learn from the site about the changes that others want to see.

The KGS Go Server is the best place I've found on the web to play the game go. Go is really an amazing game- perhaps the oldest surviving game on earth and certainly one of the most intricate. The play and strategy are amazing and it's no wonder that no computer has yet mastered the game, as has happened with chess. It's easy to get started, and from there on you just need lots and lots of practice. is perhaps the best method I've found for learning a language other than living in a country where it's spoken. It too is basically a social networking site, so people from around the world will seek your help in learning your language and help you in return when learning theirs. Lessons address almost all the ways you could possibly learn something- covering reading, listening, speaking and writing. The languages are limited, but the community makes learning the languages that are available great. Those are probably my top little-known websites that I love. I also frequent Facebook, Myspace, some different games and Blogger of course, but the above sites, especially the first and third, are really worthwhile commitments to make on the web, and I hope that if anyone reads this blog, whoever you are, please at least check these out.