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Blog news: Today I learned that this blog is result #29 when you google "Ketchikan blog." I discovered this because I've started using a site meter and this was how the one visitor to my site today got here. If you come back, stranger, realize that I know what you're doing! I believe they were from Bethel as well... It's amazing how much the internet links us! Apparently I've had visitors from New England and Ontario, as well as Texas and Alaska. But now I must get to what this post was intended for.

The world is in a sorry state of affairs. The zeal of the wealthy and "globally aware" has recently hurt the globe's people greatly, as we fell for the scam that is ethanol and blew food prices to hell. It's not exactly ethanol that is the scam, as it can be made from things such as sugarcane and switchgrass as well, but the idea that making fuel from corn would help the planet was a stupid one indeed. Oh let's see, instead of using something that we just pull out of the ground and don't use for much else other than fuel, let's use a resource that's vital to our survival... Making ethanol from corn doesn't even cut carbon emissions; the entire sale of the idea was a scam on the planet, and it's hit the poorest people of the world first. I think that the first part of being an activist must be getting your priorities straight. When I go on a place like and see people fanatically attacking bullfighting, it just really confuses me. Bullfighting is not even a top priority as far as stopping cruelty towards cattle-kind is concerned, let alone animal rights. And then there's one thing I know for sure that's more important than animal rights- that's human rights.

In many respects, I believe that the developed world is wasting much over this frenzy over global warming when we need to be caring for the people of the world instead. Ethanol is just an extreme example, an example in which enviro-nitwit-ism not only ignored humanity, but helped to hurt it as well. Do not get me wrong about global warming; I am not one of those idiot global warming-deniers who says they think it's all "natural cycles." Of course the Earth has natural cycles! They're called seasons! They're called ice ages, and warm periods, and periods when the life on Earth just went "Oh shii..." We have a record of Earth's natural cycles for hundreds of thousands of years. The thing is that the climate trend right now is going exactly the opposite way that the natural cycles would indicate. Earth's temperatures right now are unprecedented in human history. Might this be a problem? I think so. However, just like with the environmental movement in general, I believe that in many cases actions meant to help the environment hurt humanity far too much. A good example of this is in the banning of DDT, which I discussed in a previous post, although very briefly.

The truth is that I'm so convinced on the issue of global warming that I cannot imagine us being able to do anything more than slow it down. If we stopped all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions tomorrow (even our exhalation- that would be good too) the process we're set in motion would still continue. That is why greenhouse gases should not be our focus. Our focus should be ourselves. In preparing for the changes that global warming will inevitably bring to the planet, humankind should improve the condition of its own and plan ahead for what changes will happen. We should raise the people in Bangladesh out of poverty so that if sea levels rise enough to put much of their country under water we will have less of a humanitarian crisis than we would have had. The green movement that's now the rage is all about the guilt of adding to global warming: if you don't drive a hybrid then you're hurting the environment; if you don't recycle you're not doing enough; if you (God forbid) don't install "eco-friendly" fluorescent lightbulbs then you really just don't get it.

I tell you- the real guilt tripping that should be going on is not against people who have SUV's, but rather against people who have the luxury of being able to focus on being "green". (Well, the SUV people can be guilty too.) We are so rich as Americans, and it is really just disgusting that we aren't aware of it more. It's really just disgusting that I'm not aware of it more. If my family just downsized our house, the money we would save on fuel bills in a few years would be enough to make many another family feel like they won the lottery. This laptop I'm typing on would take years of labor to pay for by most of the world's standards. The difference in wealth even within this country is just so staggering that all notions of justice cannot stand up to a full realization of its reality. I shall talk about all this more later, though.

In the end, we cannot forsake our fellow human beings for the sake of doggedly pursuing an unreachable goal. Yes, we should absolutely continue to develop alternate energy and other methods of making our impact on the climate less devastating. But more importantly, let's focus on ending poverty and on ending hunger in the world. Let's make the price of tortillas on the streets of Mexcio City go down; let's use corn for what it's meant for.


  1. Anonymous17 May, 2008

    The climate was recovering from the Little Ice Age. During this period the river Themes (of London Bridge fame) was frozen solid. The river Deleware was also frozen, giving the backdrop the famous picture of our first president in his military days.

    The last few years have been during a profound solar minimum which has caused a cooling not predicted in the IPCC climate models. This current natural trend will produce some icy fireworks...

  2. Hmmm... I like where you go with this post... though I profoundly disagree with the idea that we have to focus on either going green or saving humanity... To me, if we all got our heads out of pointless things like vanity, celebrities, conflicts, dramas, etc... and we lost our prideful attitudes, both the solution to global warming, and helping humanity would rapidly arise without even having to try...


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