Time, and the Joys of Productivity

Today I got off to a slow start. I don't even remember whether I turned on the radio after waking up once or whether it was on all night, but I do remember listening to Car Talk while I was still half asleep and was not planning on getting up any time soon. It was afternoon. Most of today I've been doing homework and I was able to get a few history assignments and a whole chapter of trig done. It's tiring, but the sense of accomplishment at the end and even the feeling of being productive while you're working can really make up for the inertia of negativity that is what makes me procrastinate so much that I have to make all this up in the first place. I feel that I really haven't wasted any of my time today. It's all been well spent.

After dinner I did a few chores and helped go through all the family's suitcases to sort all that junk out. I got the bag I'll be taking to France and found a strap to replace the original that broke and found two of my old backpacks from elementary school. La seule chose I haven't done today is the dishes, which is something I always put off and was in fact one of the main reasons that I've kept doing homework today. I even take out the garbage and carry wood to avoid dishes, so doing school stuff that I really needed to get done anyways is definitely preferred.

 Today I changed my mind on the idea that these upcoming Olympics in Beijing should be boycotted. I supported the idea of a boycott before and argued for it in class for certain reasons under certain conditions- namely to be used in solving the Darfur crisis- but now I think that it is really vital for this nation and the rest of the world to stay on the side of the Chinese people. A boycott of an event that will really bring pride to the Chinese will not make us friends among them and will create a situation that simply plays into the hands of the tyranny that is the PRC. The West needs to open China, and shunning it will do the opposite. It's like with the Cuba Embargo, which is one of the stupidest points of U.S. foreign policy around. "Communism" can be done away with only by interaction with a country, and as more western ideas filter into China, change via the people themselves will follow.

One idea I've come up with is for the U.S. government to create laws so that American businesses must pay a set minimum wage to workers they employ in other countries. The goal of this is not to bring globalized jobs back to the States, as the minimum wage set for elsewhere will still be less than minimum wage here, but it is to improve the lives of people that in many cases are being exploited by our companies and to improve America's image among the unprivileged in developing nations. What an idea that would be- for the United States of America to raise the pay for those being employed in Shenzhen or Bangalore. It would still be profitable for production to be overseas, and although profit for the American companies would be less, the benefits for our nation's image and for the world would be great.

What we need is productivity in our foreign policy- a mindset that whatever we do in the world should be good in the eyes of those we are interacting with. The common Chinese citizen has done absolutely nothing to us and does not deserve to be punished by other countries spoiling their Olympic celebration. If we meet that Chinese worker with only goodwill, with things to share and the desire to improve life for everyone, then instead of being easily turned against us by their government that worker will eventually understand what makes us Americans so happy. Eventually the Chinese people will overthrow their oppressors, as they almost did in 1989. We just can't do anything stupid- and time will take its course.

 That's what Cesar Chavez said, after all- "Nonviolence takes time. I despise exploitation and I want change, but I'm willing to pay the price in terms of time. There's a Mexican saying, 'There's more time than life.' We've got all the time in the world."


  1. Please provide attribution for Chavez quotation: Where/when did he say this? Thank you in advance for your help.


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