Academic Decathlon and Other Assorted Topics

I thought about titling this "AcDc and OATs", but truth be told, I hate acronyms, especially when they're randomly created and just happen to also be horse food. You may have noticed I'm using the new "blogroll" feature (look on the right- it's call "blogs to visit"). I've been collecting other blogs ecently that I like or that cover topics of interest. They've built up very quickly. I also wished to talk about Academic Decathlon, but I have just learned that it is Sunday morning and that I am leaving to France, so I am unable to complete this right now. I will publish it anyways, because I will not be posting again for some time. Goodbye my readers! Instead of looking at new posts you can go back and read (and comment on) everything else I've written on here. Wouldn't that be fun?!


  1. Mmmmm, NaNoWriMo. My first true love. With that and AcDc, November is going to be utterly chaotic. In...a good way. You should give it another try!

    Go right ahead and stick me on your blogroll! That would be nice, becuase I'm fairly sure nobody else has even looked at it yet.

    Have fun in France~

  2. You use the example of murder to support that "wrong" is a good thing to have in society. But if you were to actually read my post and the one follownig it, you would see that murder would no longer exist if there was no concept of wrong because conflict over being wrong would cease to exist. Why do people get murdered? They get murdered because someone got mad at them, because someone else thought that the murdered person wronged them... but if they found nothing wrong with being wrong or didn't even think about wrong, they wouldn't have the ambition to murder now would they? You should read and interpret the entire post and make sure you understand it before leaving a comment trying to counter it. The 2nd to last paragraph should've clarified this issue. World peace to me, now means this state of mind. The state of mind in which all things are equal, all things are felt, all things are expressed, and everyone and everything functions as one... think about it...

    You ask if I think that people should have inhibitions about doing things that society thinks are wrong. I think society should never define or set standards. If you are going to believe in the wrong/right principle, it should be self defined, not defined by society.


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