First Post of Summer Vacation

School ended yesterday.

I'm not sure whether I'll be posting more or less now that school is out. Likely it will be less, France trip aside, as it's somewhat difficult to average more than one post a day. If not difficult, it would be at least somewhat distasteful to flood this thing with more than one or two posts a day. It's not as if most of my posts get read either, so posting more would leave more and more important things left unshared with others.

I have many different things to talk about. First off, I would like to congratulate Mr. Barack Obama on winning the presidency. Oh I mean nomination...

Recently I've come to think that a Obama/Clinton ticket for the fall wouldn't be such a bad thing. With all those Clinton voters who said they'd rather vote for McCain than Obama, why not give them the opportunity to vote for Clinton again? I have many friends that really despise Hillary; some support Obama, others McCain. Although I can't imagine many dropping Obama if he runs with Hillary, I think those that might can be easily assured. The Vice President does basically nothing. End of story. And in the functions that Hillary would serve, I think she would do quite well. She certainly wouldn't shoot anyone in the face. And no she would not ban video games.

Speaking of Obama, a few minutes ago I read an opinion piece on SitNews that (pathetically tried to) cast doubt on Obama because he had a mentor "who was investigated in the early 1950s for his membership in the Communist Party USA." OH MY GOD. Obama was mentored by someone who was investigated for being a communist? CALL THE HUAC. Look, even if this meant anything, even if Obama was a communist, (which he obviously isn't) he still wouldn't continue leading this country to ruin, which is exactly what McCain would do. Admittedly, Obama might lead us in a new direction that would be bad in different ways (at least in some aspects), but at least it's a new direction (and it looks pretty bright too). We can see that the path we've been following is leading to disaster (and already has) in a myriad of ways, so let's jump ship as soon as possible.

How about instead of a HUAC let's have an inquisition against fascists (aka Neo-Conservatives). In a few decades we'll be accusing those running for office of having been associated with Bush staff members.

Moving away from the luxury of our own country, I'd like to turn to the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Haiti is a close neighbor of ours and it would probably be accurate to say that our own independence movement pushed them to fight and gain their own independence. And yet, as soon as Haiti gained its independence, the world abandoned it. Haiti is not a large country. It is endowed with little natural wealth. Indeed, most of it has been deforested. Haiti had no "manifest destiny" to conquer new lands. It's an island.

While the United States thrived independently and the rest of the Western Hemisphere lived under colonialism and then became independent in time, Haiti was on its own, and now here it is in the modern world, still suffering. How about a little help here? We know that stable neighbors and a stable world are in our best interests, at least for security, to say nothing of morality. Stable is not really the best word. We made Central America "stable" with our little banana republics and that was wrong. Iraq under Saddam was stable.

So how about... let's give Haiti the means by which it can bring itself out of poverty. Once poverty ends for all people, crime should naturally recede as well, (which will lead to more prosperity) and freedom and democracy and goodness shall follow. That brings me to another nation to our south- one to which we pay a lot more attention.

The best solution to solving the illegal immigrant problem from Mexico is to help Mexico become a place in which its people want to stay. How could it be any more simple? Instead of spending millions upon millions on worthless fences, let's spend that money on creating meaningful jobs for Mexicans in their own country. Or... do you not want to do that? Do you still want immigrants in jobs here? Oh, that's what I thought.

Well, my last day of school was definitely an anticlimax for my junior year. In fact it wasn't even enjoyable, which the previous week or more had been. It was probably mainly do to the fact that I was thirty-five minutes late, which meant that I missed all of my last chemistry class of the year, since periods were shortened to half an hour each. Even still, the half-hour classes we had in which nothing was done except getting the teacher's signature were pretty lame even after second period.

In the end, I got straight A's this year, but the problem is that's only true for my semester grades. I got a B+ in third quarter Trig and a B in fourth quarter Careers. I've always been told that colleges only look at semester grades so I wasn't worried, but PowerSchool still says that I don't have a 4.0 so I'm worried that although colleges won't see my B's, the B's will still bring down my GPA. If the quarter grades really apply to one's GPA that means there's no way I'll be valedictorian. I doubt that I would be valedictorian anyways, but I was tied for third. That'll really suck if those two stupid stupid things have an effect on my applications to college.

Hope you enjoyed the smörgåsbord of a blog post. I'll write again soon.


  1. Patricia of FRANCE30 June, 2008

    The really hilarious thing about people complaining about immigrants taking their jobs is that immigrants are taking jobs Americans don't want. They are working for wages far less than Americans would work for.


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