Well, truth be told I've seen a big drop in traffic recently, and I believe the main reason is that I haven't posted about the right things recently, the right things being those that will bring more traffic. On the other hand, why should I go out of my way to always be posting about politicians or other such things in order to get traffic, when I actually want to write about different things? I have posted things on here before in the effort to get more hits with different searches (namely my posts that talked about my hits with different searches), but I feel kind of guilty about doing that- as if those higher rankings are undeserved.

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Never mind. :D

I will, however, be having a long break from blogging when I go to France for two weeks. Think about that- I'll be internet-less for two weeks! One can hardly imagine it. I know I'll have to get account-sitters for two sites that I visit and I will further lose in my battle to have a post for every day on this blog. Such is the modern world. We're in the Information Age, people! Maybe I should bring this laptop to France... NAW. I've got to cut the metaphorical cord every once in a while so it doesn't become an umbilical cord. Now I shall do a tiny bit of packing and then finish my last homework assignment of the year. Yes, you heard me. SCHOOL IS DONE FOR.


  1. I'm just going to re-attach the umbilical cord for a moment by saying that there are such things as Internet Cafes in France... when we see one, my mom usually visits it. They're pretty cool, you should check them out! XP


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