Important Official Wording Change

No I am not building up an excess of posts right now to make up for when I'll be gone! How dare you think that. I have decided that I officially need to change the wording of my first life-truth, as seen on my profile. Let's make it more positive, shall we? The only problem is the meaning change that goes along with a wording change, so I shall have to think about this carefully. The current wording is "self-hatred is the most unnatural thing in the world." Now, the immediate choice for placing that in the positive would be "to love oneself is the most natural thing in the world," but that changes the meaning, now doesn't it. I'm thinking "to love oneself is the most important thing in the world," and I think that I could probably say that it is. The first alternative is in fact rather ridiculous, as there are many things that come more naturally than loving oneself. I'm trying to set up loving oneself as a life-goal to strive for, (as it requires that one loves the world) not something that comes naturally, i.e., easily. So then, shall I change it? If there are any objections, please do comment. And if you don't have any objections, please comment anyways. Here are my revised life-truths: > To love yourself is the most important thing in the world. >> To love yourself, you must love the world. That's a lot more clear-cut, now isn't it?


  1. Try this one: Love your neighbor as yourself.

    I know it's been used before as a life philosophy, but the interesting thing about this one is that how you treat your neighbor reveals to everyone how you feel about yourself. Talk about human studies.

  2. It would be great if people loved their neighbors as themselves. As long as they love themselves, that is.


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