Au Revoir!

In a few hours I shall be leaving the internet world for what must seem like an eternity for you, my wonderfully loyal, somewhat nonexistent readers... In fact it will only be eight days. In Juneau, I hope to really catch up on my sleep and really get a good clean break from the mundane and slothful summer schedule that I sunk back into after France. I did get into my daily walk commitment though... and I pledge to continue that after I get back. I'm sure it shall provide the material for many a future post. In other news, I got Firefox Three yesterday evening, which was pretty great. I also have been exploring some new blogs and may put them up on the blogroll. You see, when a blogger visits and comments on another person's blog they always visit the other person's blog in return. It's an unspoken rule of honor among us blogfolk- I think. So when you might think I'm wasting my time by reading other people's crazy opinions when I could be writing my own, think again! I am in fact recruiting readers. So now you know. I guess I've also been in a pretty jocular mood around the web this morning. Please tell me if I've made you laugh in any of my recent posts. At all. Along with laugh reports, pretty much any comments whatsoever would be loved- except for questions about the cupcakes that I promised the people on neo-neocon. Catch you later!