Death of a Blog... Plus 'What to Do After Utopia'

I'm joking of course... this blog isn't going anywhere. That, however, is the problem. Recently I've been reading my Academic Decathlon materials a lot; this morning I finished with the Social Science, but in truth reading the guide once is just the beginning in any of the subjects, let alone the one in which I plan on doing the best.

I've been continuing to take Keely up on the Carlanna Lake trail every day, which has been a good commitment, but I'm not seeing many positive results besides having some outside thinking time every day. I've also been playing games online with my brother, which is probably one of the biggest reasons I haven't been blogging so much. Therefore, I promise to post a lot more in the days to come before I leave to Juneau, and hopefully I get some more traffic too. I no longer look forward to looking at my traffic reports for this site since they're so darned dismal... but like I said, I plan on changing that!

Here's something to chew on: You may very well know that I have a whole ton of opinions when it comes to how humans should interact with each other- you know, achieving world peace and all that. But what if, some time in the far far far away future, we actually did achieve world peace, equality, freedom and brotherhood, hmm? THEN WHAT? What would the goals of humanity be if we ever reached the great goals that I and others like me have? Of course, if you don't have such a cheery view of what humanity can do in regards to achieving harmony, then what should be our greater species' goals instead of a utopia on earth? I expect comments!


  1. Once in Utopia would that be the perception of those living there, or would they encased in their lives perfect, long for something more. I think they would.

  2. I went through my best subjects first, so I've been through the Lang/Lit one and most of the Social Science.

    No matter how close to "utopia" we are, we're always going to find faults, because people are enver totally happy with what they have. A utopia is impossible, because it's supposed to be perfect, and nobody ever believes their life is perfect. No matter how well somebody has it, they'll always find room to complain.

    And there's always going to be violent insane people, as well. New question~


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