Declare Your Independence

Briefly I will take this July 5th to encourage all you dwindling readers to simply declare your independence (from everything), and to think about all things tyrannical in this world that you wouldn't usually associate with that word.

Poverty and hunger are tyranny.
For many, our entire economic system is tyranny.
Government, as it is, is largely tyranny.
Hatred is tyranny.
A closed mind is tyranny.
Dishes are tyranny. (Kidding! ... sort of.)

The list goes on... Freedom and independence are not really attainable in the physical world, when you consider all that you are obligated to do in this life. Perhaps, though, that's alright; the truest freedom is your freedom to think, and the only chains you can put upon your mind are your own. So today, open up your mind. Read a few conservative blogs and give them a bit of a chance.


In other news, I believe I shall begin writing a story, and I may actually get around to writing about that France trip of mine too.

In other news, the Kayhi Class of 2009 rocks.