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First off, I apologize for being so long on getting back to France... (As I've said, I'm really saying sorry to myself more than anyone else, so feel free to ignore the repeated apologizing.) I've been pretty busy since getting back with all the great things I have available for me to do. I've continued taking Keely up to the end of the Carlanna Lake trail every single day I've been in town ever since the three days I was home alone before leaving. I also have all my Academic Decathlon materials to study now, and I'm actually listening to the music right now:

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I should probably put in those FoxyTunes signatures more; they're a nice way to incorporate music into the blog, even if you aren't going to hear anything. Anyways, I've also had that summer school work for my AP classes, although now my next deadline is August 1. But enough with the excuses, right? Now I'll finally get back to my trip.

lundi, le neuf juin, le 2e jour du voyage 

I am currently on an airplane over the land of Canada. The airplane departed Seattle a few hours ago, where our travel group spent last night. That day we had flown to Seattle from Ketchikan, Alaska, which would be my home. I think I'll begin discussing days and times once we're safely landed and not in a state of rapid travel above the Earth. 

This is the first time I can quote my journal! The first few hours of Monday were spend watching television in our hotel room, as I believe I mentioned in the post for the day before. At one point I even took out my contacts and blinded myself so that I'd stop watching TV with the other two, but it was to no avail. How can one try to sleep while the other two people in the room are still laughing it off from late night comedy? After I while I actually put my eyes back on and joined in again, but eventually we did actually go to sleep. On waking up the next morning, we got out of our room and waited a while in the lobby, reading USA Today but not getting much substance out of it. We then took the rental car back to its place and took a shuttle from there to the airport. There we met up with Bekah and Laura and actually saw a person who was wearing the same Taquan Air shirt as Grant while we were standing in line for ticketing.

Here we are at our gate in Sea-Tac.
Along the big British Airways "queue" I filled out two BA baggage tags and put one on my backpack and one on my bag; I still have them. I may have been a little overboard about having my name on my luggage, with two or three tags on each of bags, but still... it was fun, and I got free tags! We split up and shopped for a while. Grant and I went to a bookstore where I thought about getting one of Obama's books but sensibly got earphones instead. We then went a ways down D concourse and got smoothies, which weren't all that good, and then drank them all the way to the gate.

My aunt got us seated together when we were up at the ticket counter, but when we finally got on the plane Bekah was still kind of an outcast, since she was on the side across the aisle while the other four of us kids took up the middle row. The flight from Seattle to London was probably less enjoyable than the return journey, despite all the troubles we had that I already talked about. On this flight, the movie system was totally out of wack, so I never even finished watching a movie; the most complete thing I saw was a Simpsons episode. I did sleep quite a bit though and even got in some reading. At that point, I was actually still enjoying How to Read Literature like a Professor and had yet to realize that literature analysis is one of the craziest things in modern education. Who knows at what point this second day of my journey really ended... but I experienced something quite akin to what one might call a twilight zone as the airplane lights went out, window shades were brought down and the huge group of travelers we were with went into a restless state of rest, far above the earth.


  1. Watch out for Brand New Cha Cha. It makes souls bleed.

    I agree on the liturature analysis. I enjoy reading just about anything, but picking apart each and every sentence looking for symbols and subtext just leeches the fun right out of it. And you don't even gain much from it, just a better understanding of some author's worldview. How helpful.

  2. Don't get sucked into literature analysis -- read for pleasure, and exert your intellectual efforts on meaningful things -- mathematics, science, economics and policy, ect.


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