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Well, as of around five this morning I am home again, and I'm pretty sure I will stay here for the rest of the summer and beyond. The next time I leave town may very well be the first AcDc meet of the year. I plan on talking about my week in Juneau as well as going through more of my France trip; now that I'm back I can finish going over all that time I was gone.

As of this moment, I was kind of flattered by one rather unique response to my pacifism post, but I find myself unable to respond to the speaker, someone who quite obviously needs responding to. I appreciated the compliment I got near the end of the soundbit, but honestly it's somewhat depressing to just have one's ideas blown off like that without any address of merit. In my thinking, it seems the key problem that inhibits people from accepting the beauty of pacifism is the fact that most people would rather kill than die in most any situation. This is of course a natural but all the same very depressing thought, and obviously not something that I adhere to. I really think it takes a deep inner spirituality and/or religious conviction to recognize that human life is holy above all things and that murder is the greatest sin one can commit. We don't need a list of commandments for us to realize this; human life is all-important. It is what we are; it is what we must always respect in order to respect ourselves.

In other news, as of my return I have not eaten anything, but when I do I will be limiting myself to only fruits and vegetables. I plan for this to last a week. No, I am not becoming vegan; this is not so much a diet or lifestyle change as it is a test to see if I am truly able to control what I eat. It's an experiment, and it should be a tough one at that.

Some possibilities floating around in my head right now are whether I should play in KYSL for this last year that I can and whether I should try to get a limited summer job (besides refereeing KYSL). I'm really on the fence about playing soccer, but as to the job I think I will probably focus on getting into college instead. The first goal in that arena is to create a list of the colleges I'll apply to, which should probably be five or six. Here are those that i have so far:


Those are pretty much set in stone on the list, so I'm looking for a couple more- possibly UW or USC on the west coast and then maybe William and Mary or who knows what in the east.

I have cleaning to do, I have gaming to do, and I even have church to go to in a few hours, so I'm sorry to say this, but I'll have to get back to you later.


  1. To help with your food plan....eat a little bit every two to three hours. Your blood-sugar will remain stable, and you will not experience extreme hunger. This advise from the American Diabetes Association.

  2. What are you planning on studying?? And what about the south and Midwest?? Check out St. Louis Univ. or Texas U.


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