New Look, Same Great Taste

I don't know if this blog would have such a great taste, if it ever had a taste at all, but I think I may be able to keep working on the recipe and get it better in the future. Hopefully that's evidenced right here with this pretty spontaneous makeover I've done. I cut down the length a lot and put up Paris as the header (as seen from the Tour Eiffel by moi). After I did that, I decided to compliment it with a new bleu, blanc et rouge color theme.

Any compliments or criticism on the new changes would be very welcome indeed. Even more appreciated would be you trusted readers spreading the word about this blog, however you want to go about that. I'd like more traffic! There used to be regular strangers coming in- at least one a day- and now it seems like it's just the same people all the time... not that you're unappreciated.

If there's anyone to blame for my complaints, it's me, of course, so in return for spreading the word about this blog to people who might be interested in it, I, in return, will try to make this blog more interesting. That means I'll return to making the kind of posts I started out with- meaning a lot less daily summarizing (whether that's for my boring summer or my France trip, even though I'll still finish that) and a lot more commentary on the world, however broad a spectrum that may include in any given post.

Totally against the spirit of what I just committed to, I do kind of feel the need to put a few things from my current life in this post. I just finished reading the Art Resource and Research Guides for Academic Decathlon, so I'm getting along quite well in my AcDc reading for the summer. I believe I'll be doing a lot more of that reading this next week, since I'm going to a camp in Juneau for eight days and won't be on a computer at all. This of course means that I will again be in a extended period of bloglessness, although for about half as long as before.

It is somewhat annoying to be taken away from the wide world of the internets right now, being that I feel like I've just gotten back into blogging on here and got more enthusiastic about Particracy just this evening. Now I'll have to hand off my new virtual political party to someone else for the week, but here... there's no one to take over for me, and even if there was, having a guest writer would seem to really detract from the meaning in this "personal publisher" of mine.

I don't know, maybe I could have guest writers. Please give me some suggestions. Is there anything I should return to the sidebar or put there that's never been there before? What are some topics I could address in upcoming posts? Maybe I could put up one of those comment boxes again where anyone could write, and that's where y'all could put your suggestions... Naw. How about you put your suggestions write here below this post; just click on "post a comment". I intend on posting again before I leave tomorrow morning, but just in case... bye bye blog! Don't miss me too much.


  1. Patricia from your France Trip11 July, 2008

    Get to day 3 already! Its my birthday on 3 of the trip! Although, jetlag considered, you probably don't remember it all that much.....

  2. I've already done half of it. I'm stuck though, since like you said, I really don't remember that first night in Paris all that much. I guess I'll try to get it done right now.


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