PP's 1st Official PSA

Don't litter and don't put out garbage that can be gotten into by bears. That's just about the same as littering! Today my family carried out five bags of garbage from the woods on ours and our neighbors' property. It was not pleasant. Little if any of the garbage was ours, but now it is, I suppose, since our garbage can and my grandparents' are now full of it.

Here are a few common sense rules:

If you don't need to throw it away, don't. Clothes can be handed down and given away, food can be given to the dog or used in compost. Some stuff you may even be able to recycle, although there aren't many options for that in Ketchikan.

If it makes sense, burn it. You obviously shouldn't burn any plastic or things like that, but if you burn paper waste and other things that make sense to burn, you could save yourself some heating money as well as create less waste. Lastly and most importantly as far as bears go:

Use a bear-proof garbage can and don't put your garbage out until the day it's getting taken away. Thank you for your attention.