Break-Ups and Replacements

Yet another of my summer commitments has fallen asunder as this last week of summer vacation is almost at its close. It is in fact my original commitment: walking the Carlanna Lake Trail. It's true. The last two days have failed to see me get my butt up to the lake, and Keely is noticeably annoyed at me. The shortening of daylight here has definitely been a factor in making hte hike harder to do. I did go one time after dark, but aside from the wonderful view of the stars it was far more trouble than it was worth. Right now at 8:00 it's too dark to go, whereas when I began the habit I would have had more than two more hours of daylight after this.

The less subtle factors keeping me from going were the Olympics Closing Ceremony two days ago and the Democratic convention yesterday. The upside is I have continued to stay active, putting in at least a half hour a day into the game Wii Fit, which is actually an amazing program. I've been learning yoga and doing strength training, aerobics and many different creative and wacky balance games all right in the middle of our play room. The game utilizes a balance board as well as the Wii remote used for most other games on the Wii system. In addition to gauging your posture and balance in the different excersises and games, the balance board also weighs participants and keeps track of their fitness plans. I've been doing pretty well on continuing to lose weight, and Wii Fit has also given me a way to strengthen my muscles far beyond just what walking could do.

I also just had my first soccer practice for KYSL yesterday. I didn't embarass myself all that much, but I still have some work to do before I'll even get to being as good as I was two years ago. The only area I may have improved in is speed and endurance, but even that's questionable. It seems we've got a pretty good team, but not very much of it seems to be coming to the first game, so I wouldn't be surprised if we get blown out of the water on Saturday.

In other news, today is voting day and I'm very pleased to note that my mother voted exactly as I would, if I could, and my dad almost made it. What I'm worried about is Alaska. Alaskans have been so bombarded with anti-measure 4 crap that I'll be very impressed if we have the collective intelligence to still pass it. Far more important however is measure 3, which is something that will help democracy in this state immeasurably. Its passage would make me far more willing to run for office here sometime in the future... even though I already think I would, given certain conditions. Peter Stanton for State House, 2016!