Continuing the Delusion

You may have noticed that I have a wide variety of blogs on my blogroll. The liberal ones (besides the actual Obama blog, which I don't really read) are all local (read: Alaska) blogs and I really just get state political news from them. It was quite a moment when I realized I had at last become one of those people who gets their news online. I still read the newspaper, but it's forever a day behind. I digress. 

When it comes to opinions, I mainly like reading conservative ones. Along with blogs, this includes Conservapedia ("the trustworthy encyclopedia") and other sites. Reading all these has led me to learn quite a lot and be able to see things from the "other side" in ways that I never would have been able to previously. My frequenting of conservative websites has led to my learning of such things as what "MSM" means or how important it is to write out Obama's entire name to show what a Muslim he is. (It's Barrack Hussein Obama. And P.S.- he's not a Muslim.)

One interesting facet of trying to really look at things from both sides is seeing how each side discounts the opinions of the other. For liberals, this can take the form of calling conservatives greedy or stereotyping them as simple-minded and a myriad of other things. Truth be told, I'm not really sure what the in-vogue way to discount conservative opinions is, since I haven't ever been part of a big liberal scene, so to speak. My friend and I always used to play the capitalist pig game- "What about Ronald Reagan?" "Capitalist pig!" "Ayn Rand?" "Capitalist Pig!" "Don Young?" "Capitalist Pig!" and so on. Ad infinitum. But again I digress.

For conservatives, the way to completely do away with any thought of respecting a liberal's opinions is actually very simple. You pretend that they live in a different reality. From responses to my comments on various conservative articles and blog posts, this has many forms demonstrated by the following phrases: "dream world," "naive," "removed from reality," "isolated," "utopian," -many others- and most recently, "kool aid." I'm still not quite sure what that means, but apparently I drink kool aid. My recent favorite for sparking up controversy has been the blog neo-neocon, which is where I got the kool aid comments. (I like the phrase, as a matter of fact. Maybe I'll google it later.) My comments on a recent post also led to me being referred to as one under Obama's spell -an Obamamaniac, if you will- which is a common subject of posts on that blog. Apparently there are a great many liberals who can see absolutely no wrong in Obama and just worship the ground he steps upon. Young leftist women faint in his presence and not a word is criticized by these awestruck people. This all in spite of Obama's many apparent faults.

You see, in setting up Obama supporters as mindless crazies and then putting me in with them as soon as I make a comment, my opinion can be easily discounted and any legitimate points I might have -even if you have to open your mind a bit to see them- can be ignored without a second thought. A great many liberals are indeed idealists. I am an idealist by no small means. This has no bearing on the extent to which I understand reality, however. I see the same news as everyone else; I share your reality! Of course, if you think the MSM slant is getting to me or it's the danged liberal PBS I watch and NPR I listen to, remember I'm an internet news-getter now, and most of the rest comes from the Ketchikan Daily News, which is by no means a liberal organization. News is not what things come down to though. I imagine things. I think most people do. I imagine goals and solutions that take the high road, set high standards and reach for amazing things. I think more people should. At the end of the day though, I really think about how those goals can be accomplished practically and how my ideals realistically can be upheld. That's why Gandhi is such an inspiration; he was a liberal who accomplished something! And he did it the right way.

I think the real break can be found in the simple contrasts between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives seek to maintain the status quo or return to the status quos of times past. Liberals seek to change the status quo and essentially go where history has never gone before. This isn't entirely true in the way that we think of conservatives and liberals, but it helps explain why conservatives see me and everyone else on "my side" as being so disconnected. They've never seen nationalized health care work in the U.S., so they don't think it will work nor think it will be good for the country. Whether you understand my ramblings or not, my ending message is that we all could use a step outside our shells of delusion.

Regardless of what your opinions are, I'm sure the basis of quite a few relies on ignoring or discounting certain facts and never seeking to see the other side of things. Hell I've glanced through articles saying that homosexuality is a disease and that my athiesm must be caused by having had an abused childhood. Who knows how many arguments for creationism I've read through. I've given them their due. Growing up, I just followed along with my parents views and then subsequently those of the Democratic Party. As I've matured though and formulated the pretty comprehensive life-view I have now, however, I've taken some ideals to new extremes but also found sense in things that would be readily classified as being on the "other side." I'm anti-abortion, anti-federalist and pretty anti-enviromentalist. That's what happens when you view things from the other side. That's what happens when you're always trying to find the logic in the world by seeking to understand all the facets of reality.


  1. Have you read the book I sent you?

  2. I have a very large stack of books to read. I will get to some of them eventually. Right now the latest National Geographic gets priority and then I'm going to finish my AcDc materials.

  3. Jiminy Christmas!

    All this blogging and thinking out loud, and you'll get a reputation as some sort of fellow-traveller.

    Seriously, followed the link over from NeoNeocon, and while I may not see the world through the same lens as you do, I have to give you props for at least tackling it on your own terms, and trying to keep a critical eye turned on a lot of the nonsense that passes for politics today.

  4. Gandhi as liberal? FDR perhaps the first liberal president. Let us compare.

    Nazi Germany. Gandhi: do what the Nazis say, they will eventually be shamed. FDR: bombs away. FDR’s position was not exactly Satyagraha.

    Technology. Gandhi: ancient village level technology. See picture of his spinning thread, contrasted with the many textile mills that were already in India. FDR: as advanced as possible: TVA, Manhattan Project.

    Government. Gandhi: as small as possible, with village level and self-rule emphasized. Definitely NOT a friend of big government. FDR: big government.

    Read Gandhi’s autobiography. Define your terms. IOW, don’t make claims you are unable to support. Otherwise you come across as a pretentious fool. Do you wish to come across as a pretentious fool?


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