Disclaimers and Updates

I would like to clarify for my readers right now that my possibly abrasive comments in various posts regarding certain nations, groups and stereotypes are not at all meant to be serious or insulting. Although there are clearly legitimate reasons for someone to dislike the U.K., Italy or other places, my own negative jabs are meant to be jocular and sarcastic. One cannot sum up a person in a few thoughtless phrases, let alone a nation of millions of people. The same obviously applies to other topics besides the countries of the world. Although not on this blog, I recently quipped essentially that "I could never marry a conservative. I'm going to be looking for an intelligent woman." Such a comment was by all intentions meant only to provoke reactions and put a smile on my face. Let me assure you that I know very well that smart people can be politically conservative. It's just that they've been misguided, not that they're not intelligent. A major development in my summer commitments is that as of around last Friday I have officially become a pescetarian instead of a vegetarian. I've only eaten seafood twice since then, which is good as I am still limiting my food intake as much as before, but it doesn't make any sense given my reasons for being a vegetarian that I should deny myself fish, which are obviously not taking up human food supply. I will also eat venison should we get any deer this hunting season, but that will be the only land animal I'll eat. I will be continuing my newly abridged food plan indefinitely and will continue my daily walking as well, except that once school starts I will require myself to walk to and from school on school days as my daily walking requirement and only on non-school days will I do my Carlanna Lake hike. Also, as of a few minutes ago I will now be playing KYSL soccer on the team being coached by my dad. I don't know how much my brother will play, but he's on the team and I think he'll participate as much as possible. I don't have to be as good as the kids at State Cup to do well by myself here in Ketchikan. Playing recreational soccer one last year should be pretty fun. There are my disclaimers and updates. I apologize for not blogging very much recently; I have plenty of topics to write on and I know I can get around to them all eventually. Ciao!