Music or Lyrics (And a Bonus Synchro Time)

This (very early) morning is a momentous morning, seeing as I have just created a new label for my blog posts. It's name is "question"; please take the time to introduce yourself. My first post to be labelled with this new wondrous label was written far back in that faraway time known as May. And what a time that was... I seem to have had far more time to post blog posts. I had so much time that I was able to think of a great situational problem involving the integral elements one might look for in a spouse—or life-partner, if you prefer. If you'd like to read it, it's here (or in either of the two previous links). Nowadays, obviously, I have little time for such intellectual time-wasting, but today's (actually yesterday's) hike on Carlanna was especially peaceful and allowed me to return to the state of mind that might occaisionally generate a gem of a question worthy of the label "question".

Today (yesterday) was, simply put, a rainer. It looks like today will be as well. That probably had a large bearing on why my hike was so peaceful, seeing as I was able to just prance down the trail talking to myself (as I did way back in the June-times) without having to see, hear, deal with or embarass myself in front of another soul. It was very enjoyable. Such are the times when one doesn't even remember the hike but only remembers what one was thinking about and talking to oneself and one's dog about.

Anyways, I have yet to even lead into this second "question" of all time (or "all blog"?), and I'm not going to do so now either except with this lame sentence. The reason? the reason is that even though I led you to think I thought of this amazing question on my hike yesterday it was in fact after the hike. Therefore I shall continue talking about the hike.

On today's (yesterday's) hike my deepest line of thought almost entirely centered on the topic of pain. If pain doesn't sound like something that could be a positive and enlightening topic to think to yourself about, you clearly don't know me very well. (Does anyone?) I got started on the topic of pain through thinking about how one should move beyond one's past. Once the word pain came into the equation within the context of having a negative past, it was clear that I could immediately conclude I have not experienced any pain. I have not lost anyone close to me through a unexpected or tragic death nor have I experienced long-term separation from someone close to me. I have not experienced traumatic destruction or degredation of my living environment nor have I experienced intense physical pain nor longterm or permanent handicap. These were the main things that I thought of that would constitute serious pain that would hold strong as part of one's past. Tell me if you think of more.

After going through all that pain and realizing how incredibly lucky and blessed I am to have gone through none of it, I moved on to how one can deal with relationships in the context of understanding one's past and moving beyond pain. Very basically I concluded that when you cause others pain you should understand what you did, learn from your mistake and value that lesson from the past. The negative part of that past can be forgotten once you've done all you can to learn from it and try to make amends. When another person causes you pain you should help them to understand what they did and then move on and hope they learned from their mistake.

And, perhaps most importantly, I concluded that you can move beyond pain in one's past (and present as well) because it was a necessary part of your life in leading you to where you are right now, and wherever you are right now, I know you can have a positive future.

I would also like to use this article to create another new tradition, which, in the spirit of the Police album and in the spirit of the actual meaning of the word, shall be called...


Today's synchro time involves what I just discussed three paragraphs ago: pain in relationships, learning from your past, moving beyond your past etc. You see, for the past hour or so I have been talking with a here unnamed friend of mine on MSN Messenger. Just as I was writing the second and third paragraphs of this article she got into the very things I had thought about on my hike and I gave her advice based on what I had gleaned from my wandering thought processes of the day. In addition to that I had just been thinking about how I was going to write about those same thought processes, so this clear "coincidental" meeting of minds clearly merits its place as the first ever installment of SYNCHRONICITY TIME. That's all for now and we'll see you next time for the next SYNCHRONICITY TIME.

Thanks for indulging me there. Now I think I can get to what the title of this article is about and what the label "question" at the bottom of this will refer to. Here's my lead in:

Over these Olympic weeks, this author guesses his readers have heard the American national anthem quite a few times- perhaps too many times. In fact, the national anthem of the United States has oft been regarded as inadequate and undeserving of its place in our nation. It's easy to see why musical experts have stated that the "Star Spangled Banner" is one of the most difficult to sing national anthems in the world, given it's very large range and other factors. The lyrics of the song are also disliked by many; the song details the seige of a fort in one of our nation's least successful (historic) wars. It has been suggested many times that a more inspiring song such as "America the Beautiful" replace the current anthem.

Personally I believe the biggest factor keeping people from ditching SSB is that it's been our anthem for a long time. Tradition is huge when it comes to national symbols. A big change just wouldn't feel right. Despite that, I think we all could find (or compose!) a better national anthem for our country. But as a theoretical go-between stretching the tradition into a new change, what if we only changed one element of the anthem? That is to say, what if it was only a new tune, or on the other hand, only new lyrics?

I've heard SSB sung to different tunes and that could certainly make the song easier to sing and/or more pleasant to hear and musically distinguished. For me, however, I think I would rather have new lyrics sung to the same tune. What little meaning the words of our anthem do have is far too negative and connected to war for my taste. Even if you love our anthem, please indulge me and tell me which half of the song you would change if you absolutely had to. Is it music, or is it lyrics?


  1. Uh, I have no idea how else to tell you this... So here goes. XD

    I won't be able to come to the ACDC meeting today. I'm really sorry! D:

    And I found another freshmen who's interested in doing ACDC, so I'll talk to her about it. Okay?

  2. Your anthem... I find the tune almost catchy, and I can see how the lyrics are somewhat negative and linked to war - I would, perhaps, change the lyrics.

    Having said that, it would not impact me terribly since I am not American...

    ...which does not mean I don't quietly try to sing along when attending a sports game of some sort in the States.


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