Results (And Kucinich! (PBUH))

I'm glad I put in my expectations for this primary election in right before I saw the results. Before I get to those, however, here's a message from Dennis Kucinich:


You've gotta love that guy... His is by far the best speech I've heard from the DNC. But now for that primary election. All the ballot measures failed, which is something that saddens me to no end, especially regarding measure 3. The good thing is that 1 lost, which means we won't be seeing rampant gambling anytime soon, but I would much rather have had all of the measures pass, even if it meant casinos popping up within the month. What's worse is that measure 3 had the lowest percentage of yes votes out of all the measures: 35% of votes (counted thus far) were yes. I simply can't believe that this election overflowed with so much information and disinformation on measure 4 so that everyone knew at least something about it, whereas pretty much nothing showed up about measure 3, which was by all means as much a common sense bid for democracy as I've ever seen. The only way I can see so many people voting no on 3 is that they simply didn't know about it. It seems a lot of people must have just marked nos right down the line. I guess we want politicians to make all the laws and don't appreciate it when the people actually come up with good ideas. Anyways, as of this moment I have no idea whether it'll be Parnell or Young on the Republican ticket for the House seat. I hope it's Young. But as I heard Berkowitz say on ABC Alaska News, he can beat either one of the two. Parnell is such an idiot it might be a good thing if he beats Young. If people just see him in a few debates before the election I'm sure they'll notice how short he is on brain cells. All the rest of this shall be dealt with in November.