School is Upon Me!

My first day of my senior year went pretty flawlessly. It left a peculiar feeling of mediocrity in my mouth, however, and it makes me realize that if school is going to be as great as I want it to be I'm going to have to make it that way myself.

The first example of this is AP Calculus, which was my first class and will be for the rest of the year. (You'd better get used to the chronology; period-by-period is the only way I go through my school day.) The class is very big, certainly compared to past classes, and it was immediately pretty fractured into various groups, with my "group" consisting of three people. I have no problems with my two friends - they sat with me in math pretty much all last year- but I would prefer to be at least a bit closer to other people in the class and I would much prefer the set up of the class to be much less one-directional. An open center with tables surrounding it is what I'm used to from most of my classes and I think it's much healthier for the unity and connection of the students and their learning. I seriously think it's just a lot of bad feng shui in that calc class, but I'm sure the dynamic will change. It certainly is possible for it to be changed, and even I could help it in that direction.

Government looks like it will be as good as what I imagined. Mr. P. B. is a great teacher and we've got a pretty good class, including an assertive McCain girl across the room from me that I very much look forward to sparring with. Today we discussed current events and leadership qualities, writing down our top five and then putting certain ones up on the board and ranking McCain and Obama on each of them.

I started things off with "vision" for example, and put Obama at a 7 (out of 10) and McCain at a 1. McCain girl, who I also have not seen before, made her quip of the day while trying to articulate the quality of a leader keeping their country connected to the world. It didn't really work in the context of what we were doing, but she said she was thinking about how Obama's desire to end NAFTA would destroy our connection with Mexico and Canada. First off, Obama has said he wants to "renegotiate" NAFTA at the very most, and even if he did want to end it that wouldn't be such a bad idea anyways. Regardless, the girl seems pretty intelligent and I look forward to learning more about her. I would say I'm attracted to her, but that would bring up the wrong connotations. Interested is a much better word.

Now here's what takes the cake: at the end of class there was a quick poll of which candidate everyone was leaning towards. There were a total of four McCain supporters and the rest of the class was about evenly split between being undecided and being for Obama. It looks like the Democrat/Republican division really is become a bottom/top split- at least in this town. And that's not in regards to income; I'm refering to age.

My next class is AP Literature, which I think is going to be really interesting. The class is very small compared to my Language class with Mrs. B. last year, and, it looks like, B.'s class this year as well. There are only about a dozen students, five of whom are seniors, and three of us are from the language class last year. It looks like we'll be pretty tight-knit, which I really like. Ms. K. doesn't seem like she'll be that bad either, after all the crap we all heard last year. She is indeed "wierd" but not it seems in a negative way at all. What's most strange about her is how soft-spoken she is, and to a smaller extent how she can be slow-spoken sometimes as well. But otherwise it looks like we'll do a lot of reading and not a lot of direct teaching, which is completely fine with me. I'm sure I'll do well.

Fourth period is debate, which I think will be a very valuable experience, although I'm not quite sure about the students I'll be sharing it with yet. It seems that the class above mine was very much a debater class, because there are precisely zero veteran debaters my age in the class and there is only one other senior period. I think it'll be fun anyways though. My brother is in the class too, after all.

After lunch comes French, which is my last class of the day. I'm really not sure about that class, truth be told, and I think I'll wait until tomorrow until I say anything about it. I know my short day is really going to make a difference over the year; school would be twenty-four minutes longer than last year due to scheduling changes if I had taken six classes again. Now with only five classes my day ends forty minutes earlier. And, of course, I only have five classes to deal with. It's unprecedented! I psyched myself out at my locker after French when I went through my classes in my head thinking of what I would have to do for homework. I looked at my binders too and kept thinking "I'm missing something!" But no, it seems that simplicity will be bliss for this year. The only problem is I think there'll be a lot more potential for homework this year. Calculus, Government, Literature and Debate don't add up very well...


  1. What do you think of the McCain VP pick?

  2. It's a stupid choice but it gets us some attention.

  3. Oh god, I love you so much right now, Peter. XD I hate the choice too. AND YES, HATE. D<

    But cool first day... I must saying having Wind Ensemble today, was, again, terrifying. *shudder* But two more freshmen got in, so yay! XD

    Your brother (should I say his real name? ;\) says that he really likes debate.

    And yeah, I'm taking Integrated Science... Not biology.

  4. Hoop jumping just got easier is what I am hearing you say.

  5. There's quite a few people in my class in debate. Stay away. For your own sanity, please.


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